UPS Says New Social Platform Shows Openness to ‘Critiquing Ourselves’

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    UPS Says New Social Platform Shows Openness to ‘Critiquing Ourselves’ - Wall Street Journal

    United Parcel Service Inc. is rolling out a social networking platform that will allow many of its workers to discuss work-related safety and health issues.

    The system is intended to help truckers, packers and management post questions and comments on health and safety concerns. Workers will also be able to bring safety hazards to the attention of supervisors and discuss best practices for avoiding health and safety issues such as repetitive stress injuries and driver fatigue. Workers will be encouraged to offer criticism–feedback that the company refers to as “constructive dissatisfaction,” UPS CIO Dave Barnes told CIO Journal.

    Getting employees to use enterprise social networks has proven difficult in many companies, but it may be even more challenging for UPS to get employees to adopt the tool broadly because of earlier tension between management and labor on safety issues.
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    What happened the safety committee? Those near miss forms?
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    That is because OSHA now is able to do repetitive stress injuries wher UPS lead a group of300 companies blocking it for years. Now they want to address this.Here are a few Bulkhead door new tension sucks for some doors causing shoulder and back injuries. 55 to 60 hr work week is not normal body mechanics for a human body carrying any weight while moving. So when you mention safety be honest you have no clue.
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    The beating will continue until the numbers improve.

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    Maybe UPS can buy the Brown Café!..they have the money for everything else....but a good contract!!!!!
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    printing copies so ALL the clerks can show it to the supervisors who constantly tell hazmat responders that the wet pkgs are "just water"
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    ​Probably not for a girl.
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    Are you serious? I have been doing the same job as the men in my job for 30 yrs. It is not ba male/female issue, it is the fact that the door moved with 2 fingers pulling it and now u have to line up and tug wit h both arms and try to pull it to open. Any moron would know 200 times a day after 12 hrs it is a problem. It is 2013 would u like someone telling your wife or daughter she is not fit for a job a man does?
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    ...the attitudes ,too.
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    Apparently they didn't get the ERI's with "extremely dissatisfied" on 90% of the questions. This is just a ploy to act concerned, it serves no real purpose. This will be used as a "we'll look into it" forum, aknowledging your issue but never really fixing it.
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    Yeah, and I've been thinking of starting a website where sup's and managers can post any problems they have with us drivers and hub people too! I care!
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    A complete waste of time..... Managers don't care about any concerns or safety issuses. This is like putting two cats inside a bag....
    ​In my opinion... just a tool to promote a hostile working enviroment virtually....