UPS says some Christmas deliveries delayed

Discussion in 'The Latest UPS Headlines' started by cheryl, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. cheryl

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    UPS says some Christmas deliveries delayed - Marketwatch

    United Parcel Service Inc. said on Tuesday it won't be able to deliver some packages in time for Christmas because last-minute air shipments proved greater than its network could handle this week.

    "The volume of air packages in the UPS system did exceed capacity as demand was much greater than our forecast. It is a small percentage of shipments that are delayed and will not be delivered today," said spokeswoman Susan Rosenberg in a statement.
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    6 cans sat in the building today. No way to process them or get them out to the trucks. I have no sympathy with people who wait for the last minute to send something. We have had the worst peak ever. Everyone is run down and finished with this peak.
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  3. rod

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    Sad to say but they will forget to plan ahead for next year. It sneaks up on them every year.
  4. bluehdmc

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    Amazing isn't it?
    Although if you read the FedEx post apparently the same thing happens there.
  5. jumpman23

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    This year was 17 days for peak. next year 18 and 19 for 2015. Guess those 2 peaks will be bad like this year but the idiots at ups wont prepare accordingly like they should have this year.
  6. Monkey Butt

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    Makes you wonder if the people who are running the show knows something that most drivers don't know.

    Of course, I'm not wondering. :wink-very:
  7. Feeders101

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    We have the biggest, most automated air hub in the country in Louisville. And we couldn't get it done? Really? How many air packages got missed? Any numbers?
  8. scratch

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    I think that I heard that Fedex refused to take a lot of stuff from Amazon, so it got dumped on us. Throw in the usual Winter storms to screw up driving conditions doesn't help either. I don't feel sorry for people who wait until the last minute to order stuff one bit. There is only so much any company can handle. You can't hire thousands of extra people just to work them a couple of days.
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  9. Feeders101

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    Oh, I realize all of that. The numbers this peak will be staggering. I was hearing we missed 600,000 pieces of next day air in Louisville. I can't confirm that though. But if true, that seems like an ungodly amount of volume to miss. Do we need to build some bigger hubs?
  10. Monkey Butt

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  11. texan

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