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  1. doomkeeper60

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    Does anyone about any scholarships for college from ups?
  2. brownmonster

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    Yes. Very hard 2 get. I had twin valedictorians and never got a sniff.
  3. brown bomber

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    my daughter graduated w/ 4.45 GPA......never even got a reply for a Casey scholarship........however she did receive 2 scholarships from our teamsters local...
  4. brownmonster

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    I found it funny that the Teamster scholarship was need based. Apparently not all Teamsters make a living wage.
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  6. barnyard

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    We have had 2 in our center receive Casey scholarships. My daughter had a similar resume, but lost out because you have to apply by Dec. 31 of you junior year. Might be January, but it was pretty, freaking early. The Casey scholarship is a pretty sweet deal, both of them received a large chunk of change for 4 years. If I remember correctly, it paid for most of their tuition and expenses.

    Both daughters have applied for Teamsters scholarships and neither one received anything. The oldest is now a physics PhD candidate that graduated 4th in her class (and the highest by a long-shot for 'real' degrees.) The youngest is a double major, AgEd/BioEd and will be done in a year and a half. I figured the youngest would get something from the Teamsters as I have been on comp for 13 months now. Notta

    The oldest paid for her schooling with a University scholarship that paid a bit more than half and the rest was through other scholarships (NASA, National Science Foundation, and a few others). The youngest has received scholarships from foundations that support women in agriculture. Both had to borrow money, but not that much. My wife and I have paid a little, here and there, but again, not that much.

    The key is to have lots of AP classes in HS. Both had better than 4.0 in HS and the oldest maintained a 3.9+ as an undergrad, the youngest a 3.7+ as an undergrad.

    If you want people to give you money to go to school, you have to have awesome grades, be an asset to the community and a school leader.
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    My daughter received a Casey Scholarship. As luck would happen, UPS lost the application, but fortunately they kept a copy in the file so I could prove that it had been submitted on time. Leave nothing to chance. I had a really nice supervisor at the time who went to bat for us on the lost application. But the important thing is that they are based on the PRE-SAT's and your child has to apply in their Sophomore Year (not Junior year). In other words, you have to think about applying for this Casey scholarship long before you think about most scholarships.
    Keep in mind that the Teamsters also have a scholarship called the Hoffa Scholarship, which my daughter was also fortunate enough to also receive. Your child can receive the Teamsters and UPS scholarship.
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Between the two awards you must have had little out of pocket.
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    Thank you for clarifying. I remember it as being, really, really early in the process. Our other disqualifier was that her counselor advised her against taking the PSAT or SAT. Because of that advice, she did not qualify for several scholarships.

    Soapbox time......

    It amazes me at the number of hoops really, really smart kids have to jump through to get a scholarship. It is NOT like sports, recruiters never came to our house and unless all the requisite tests were taken and scores provided, some schools were not even interested.

    If you are an elite athlete, schools pursue you. As the dad of very smart daughters, that worked very hard in school, it is hugely frustrating.

    Now to boast a bit.....

    My oldest was invited to MIT and was told that they would cover 1/2 her tuition and expenses, she would have to come up with the other half. That was pretty cool.

    She was also offered full-ride scholarships to 2 other schools, but they were both middle of nowhere, noone ever heard of schools. sigh

    The only schools she heard from were the one's that she ticked the box off on when she took her ACT. You cannot sit on your butt, thinking, "My kid is a genius and recruiters will be beating the door down with offers." Our society does not value brains as much as brawn. sigh again.
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    Can someone provide me with a link or website where i can see more information on UPS scholarships or education with UPS
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    info for the Casey Scholarships, are available @ with any other scholarship info
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    My son received the Johnson Scholarship full ride, it is for Florida UPS families only. He also got the Fl. Bright Futures and my mom covered all of his books for the entire 4 years. He had the grades that were needed.
  13. brownmonster

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    My kids recieved the " your parents make 120 you get squat scholarship". UW says my family contribution for my twins is 15K per year, each. Right.
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    Man, UPS gives a lot of great benefits like dental and health. but I don't really need those personally

    but the one thing I DO need which is tuition assistance, they don't offer. :l
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    Barnyard.. You must be proud.. Congratulations. It takes a good parent to have kids like that.