UPS screws Union AND Management...but in this case its just the Management.

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by Ghost of Jim Casey, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. Ghost of Jim Casey

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    You know what this is about. Its about the anti smoking busy bodiedness of our 'corporate masters'. Its about a Multi National Corporation that can turn a record profit and then drop management spouses from insurance. Its about PT supes that work way past their 5.5 for package centers, but get told not to report more. Its about a lack of a COLA raise. Its about FT supes having to eat #### just because they are FT. Its about PT super being told to 'Work, but don't get caught'. Its about numbers that can't actually be attained except thru 'massaging' numbers and hours. Its about the complete lack of integrity of upper management, yet expect complete loyalty from those below them. Its about my damn turkey that I don't get any more.

    UPS...Your not the company you used to be. You've fallen off. Your a broken place lead by evil people and tyrants. Your an amalgam of lip service and ulterior motives...and I don't like you anymore.
  2. curiousbrain

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    I never worked here in the "old days", but I've been very conflicted about this sort of thing lately - I was a part of (and privy to) a lot of shady things, which were unequivocal violations of the law.

    I mistreated people, fired people, abused the new employees that they didn't want to hire, edited hours, among many other things.

    On the other hand, my objective side tells me that this is what the economic system that America wants looks like from the inside out; the system makes good people do bad things, and it is literally eating itself alive.

    I'm not sure where I fall, but I identify with your sentiments.
  3. LongTimeComing

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    Fixed. And sorry, I'm OCD and couldn't help myself.

    Where did this smoking stuff come from? I'm hearing people talk about it but have yet to see anything first-hand.....Was it in an email? Letter in the mail?
  4. Lineandinitial

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    This particular forum name needs to be changed. The term "UPS Partners" only includes a handful of multi millionaires that sit in Atlanta and congratulate each other on a job well done on a much too frequent basis. Then they produce Reportback videos filled with the phrase "We". I'm sure they are subject to the same issues with this new healthcare and smoking debacle, but let's face it, their financial condition and ours is quite a bit different. I've got 26 years in and I helped make this company successful for every one of them.
  5. Monkey Butt

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    So ... you do not appreciate sarcasm and irony?
  6. byrdups

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    Great post Ghost!
  7. Alexcross774

    Alexcross774 Spinning my wheels.

    UPSERS put up a wonderful video with paid actors, just to let the "Partners" know the better get it together fast. They came back today and changed the date to September 1st. But if your spouse or legal partner has access to health insurance at their job, the cannot be on your plan...
  8. Limper

    Limper Out For Delivery

    Yet another sacrifice at the alter of short-term profitability.
  9. co-chair

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    :sad-very:Nice post ghost can you tell all the partners that part time is full time and full time is all the time.No it really is
  10. pretzel_man

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    This "preview" of the 2014 healthcare plan and costs is one of the most poorly executed communications I have ever seen.

    I think it's good that they want us to be prepared. But don't try and polish a turd.

    It's condescending do me... Just lay out the ugly facts...

    I'm guessing it's something like this, and I could understand it if they told me so like an adult:

    - Rising health care costs and legislation is going to impact UPS' bottom line by $XXXM.
    - We don't want that burden to fully impact profits, so we have decided to raise management's healthcare payments
    - Rather than have all management share equally, we have targeted areas
    - Those with working spouses need to have their spouse's company pay for healthcare
    - Those that smoke will pay more because they have increased long term costs (and are an easy target)
    - We have not thought this all out and it will likely change as we learn more
    - This is not good news, but necessary to remain strong and have stock growth
    - If you put your MIP in stock, and / or buy the DESPP you will benefit in that area

    I think they did a very poor job.....
  11. UnsurePost

    UnsurePost making the unreadable unreadabler

    For who? "them"selves? Why would "they" treat worshipers and lifebloods as thinking people?
  12. Lineandinitial

    Lineandinitial Active Member

    Is the goal to drive off as much management as possible and further load up those that remain?
  13. Monkey Butt

    Monkey Butt Dark Prince of Double Standards Staff Member


    You know it's really bad when P-man can't find a positive.

    PS - Who is over HR now?
    Alan could be a bit tone-deaf at times but never anything like this.
  14. pretzel_man

    pretzel_man Well-Known Member

    John M. has HR.... He does a quick presentation in the video and doesn't say much.

    To be clear, my issue is with HOW they are communicating the decision, not necessarily the decision. I don't know yet what I think of that....

    To start the presentation by saying that changes will only affect "some" people was ridiculous. Just tell it like it is....

    The truth of the matter is that costs are going up disproportionately.... Someone has to pay.....

    Do the shareowners pay? Customers? Employees? Management?

    In this case, they chose Management. Then they targeted a subset of management.

    Again, I don't know if I agree or disagree. They didn't provide any facts.

    You would see a more positive P-Man here if they communicated the whole story.

    Tell me the problem. Tell me the alternatives evaluated. Tell me why you chose this one.

    The spoon fed, homogenized story is not the way to communicate to management.
  15. Casca

    Casca Member

    I too think it was poorly communicated and also poorly timed. This was only a matter of time.... But why stop there when other "subsets" can now be targeted as well.....age groups, chubby people, different ethnicities, races, education levels etc....These are great oppurtunities to save money at the expense of further dividing UPSers from each other. Much internal culture was lost when the company went public. If the company was internally strong we wouldnt have to advertise for management candidates from outside the company. That is very sad. Teamsters dont want to be part of management. Perhaps Atlanta should conduct a useful survey and see what percentage of management would consider switching back to the Teamsters.
  16. FracusBrown

    FracusBrown Ponies and Planes

    It's bad timing...

    I usually expect to get hosed AFTER contributing to UPSPAC and United Way.
  17. Monkey Butt

    Monkey Butt Dark Prince of Double Standards Staff Member

    I understood that and I agree with the rest.

    Alan's legacy will be the word "enhancements" when referring to reduction in employee benefits.

    As an aside, my reference earlier on this subject to "another nail in the coffin of the partnership" was not meant that it is a bad thing.
    It is just a realization that management (at least below Level 20) are just employees ... no special status.

    I wonder how many spouses of Level 20 and above employees work for an employer that provides insurance?
    Certainly not an Atlas Shrugged scenario where the masses stand on the back of the top leadership.
  18. Monkey Butt

    Monkey Butt Dark Prince of Double Standards Staff Member

    But the sheeple will continue to donate and for good reason.
    I feared retribution when I did not contribute.
    Although I would have contributed to a charity regardless.
    ​I work for a 501c3 now after retirement.
  19. SignificantOwner

    SignificantOwner A Package Center Manager

    ​ What difference does it make how they communicate it?
  20. beentheredonethat

    beentheredonethat Well-Known Member

    In this case????

    Don't you mean as usual, they chose mgmt?