UPS-SCS to close 5 offices

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    Good Morning/Afternoon,
    I work for a UPS-SCS in Atlanta, GA. Yesterday management set us down to advise that SCS will close 5 offices in the US over the next few weeks, as of now my office is not in jeopardy but there are 3 offices on the west coast that they wouldn't advise us the office since the employees have yet to receive word. We were made aware that the Charlotte office and Baltimore office will be closing because of a "restucture" Has anyone heard any news on this??
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    No and hopefully the employees in Charlotte and Baltimore have already been notified and don't read it here first.
  3. What is an SCS office?
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    Supply Chains Solutions office
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    And they do WHAT?????
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    I have no clue :funny:
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    Duh UPS-SCS to close 5 offices

    Drink another one buddy!

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    Provide logistical analysis to facilitate transit and cost management. We also provide order fulfillment for companies where we house inventory. This is typically at Louisville and some of our other major air hubs. In theory SCS is decoupled from UPS and will select carriers based on cost and transit but UPS gets our share of packages.
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    We can use them at our center as helpers. Maybe that way we could get in under 10. Per Glenn Beck...."Im just sayin!"
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    Supply Chain Solutions. UPS will partner with other carriers domestically and internationally to get that shipment to its destination. It is actually a very complicated division of UPS. You can ship any item through the SCS department but most often it would be an air or ocean shipment to an international location. Most of the time when you compare the small pacakge rate to the SCS rate the SCS department wins out. I do a lot of work for accounts and there shipment will go through the SCS department and I do not even get an "atta boy" or girl.

    There is a freight company that I cannot think of the name that would pick up a freight shipment to move it to the airport or a port dock for shipment abroad. I do not get credit for that freight shipment either.

    For a complete understanding you would have to work with it. For me it just sucks because I do all the work and some highly paid inside sales person who is above talking to most SCS shippers because they do not meet their "revenue threshold" or some SCS rep I do not even know gets the credit for what I do.

    But a bad day at UPS is better than a good day looking for a job. I just wish I was compensated for all the UPS customers I help to ship UPS instead of our competitors. I do it to keep the business I do get paid on which is not much at this time.

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    We just got the word May 20 in the Chicago SCS Office that the forwarding operations will be eliminated. The means we have until June 19 to sign or not sign a severence package. They plan to delegate us to other positions and/or offices but that is based on seniority. It came out of no where. They should have cushioned the blow when they lowered our hours last year. This is alot to handle. We still have to be briefed by HR. But I'm already frantice. Was this a neccessary move or just a play to cover someone mistake concerning the budget. If they did not get approval for this non layoff (we were told termination), who can I contact to find out????:surprised: