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  1. I have been a swing driver at Fred ex since 2001. I have an interview at UPS for the seasonal driving position. The UPS station covers the same area my Fedex station covers so i am familiar with the area. What are the odds UPS would keep me permanently if they like the way I do the job productivity wise? I know there are no guarantees. I spoke to a UPS driver at a stop last week and he said this particular station is keeping more temporary drivers than they had in the past because of drivers retiring and needing to fill the position. Reason i am posting the question here is I have spoken to a number ofUPS drivers at this particular station over the last few years of thinking about taking the leap and every one gives a different answer. One guy says 0 chance. then the next guy says good chance. I have really had it with fedex (pay and the way they treat us) and would be willing to take the gamble. Also if they didn't keep me and laid me off is there a chance they would eventually call me back and hire me permanently as a driver. I know that with the union off the street permanent hires as drivers are few and far between. if anyone could give me any insight i would really appreciate it. THX
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    You aren't going to get any guarantees here. As long as you dig deep and bust your ass you having area knowledge will give you a leg up. Lean their methods and try to get rid of the ones you've learned at FedEx. Ups is the big leagues but a lot of these big leaguers (ups drivers )who tell you this stuff have no clue. So work hard and tell ups management what you are giving up to be a part of your new team.
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    I would expect that they will tell you there is a chance. I would also expect that at the end of the season, you will be offered an inside, PT job and you will have to wait your turn like almost every one else.

    We did hire an outside guy that worked a summer, a peak and another summer. He was offered a job at the end of his 3rd season. He was one of our 1/6 outside hires.

    Google search this site. Your question is asked by temp drivers every spring and every fall since I have been a member here.
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    Just do the job safely and correctly and let the chips fall where they may. Coming in like a hotdog and running over your coworkers doing it will only make animosity.
  6. absolutely. i understand that. just looking to do the best job possible to maximize my opportunity to be kept on
  7. interview is this week.

    I had one more question if anyone can help me out

    If i am hired for the temp driver position can i expect to work every day thru end of december peak or will there be days where they have nothing for me? I guess it would more depend on station to station staffing but if anyone has any knowledge of how the casual temps are used at your station just to give me an idea.

    Spoke to another driver last week and he said they recently lost 4 package car drivers after they took feeder driver positions? no clue what that is. Also said they had 6 casuals go on the road last week and all 6 quit the first day. overwhelmed.

    Am willing to even work the season they need me and then work inside if i have to wait my turn for permanent. Problem is if this is a position where i will only work certain days when they need me then i don't think i can make the move. And not sure if HR will give me honest answers during hiring process? could be wrong but just not sure. Need to have all my ducks in a row for interview
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    Strictly a generalized guess, but figure 3-4 days a week. Then laid off for a few weeks or a month in September or October. Back to 3-4 days a week. Then 50-60 hour weeks Monday after Thanksgiving to Christmas.

    edit: if those drivers moved to feeders (tractor-trailers) permanently, good for you (more likely to have a spot for you); if for seasonal/vacation coverage, not so good for you.
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    Its all about who you know really, the people in the mix, the bigshots...we have a few here, maybe you can pm(private message)them for some advice. Since you're back east there is one browncafe'r named upstateupser, who Im sure would love to give you some insider information on how to land a job here. He has "gotten" many a christmas hires onto ups, and I believe his helper for christmas has been with him 20 or so years, so hes almost like a real employe anyway. Honestly, give him a jingle Im sure he will be able to point you in the right direction..he is the self proclaimed, "know it all."
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