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    Well, I was offered a job as a seasonal temp in the area I live. I worked for UPS previously as a package handler about 6 years ago. I was wondering if any one has any advice if temp drivers actually get the opportunity to become perm drivers. I'm giving up a guaranteed 40 hrs a week @ 16.00/hr in a dead end machine shop. Just for an opportunity to be a driver for ups. Any advice on temp/seasonal becoming permanent would be great. And also advice if I am making the right choice. I'm getting married next year and I want to make a better life for my fiancee and I.
  2. There is never a guarantee, In my personal opinion I would never leave a steady job for a seasonal job, especially here. I would wait until you see a perm job posting or start working nights as a pt
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    All depends on the area. In my center there has not been a new F/T hire in 7 years or more. Had plenty of drivers retire but none have been replaced. No way I would recommend you leave a full time job to take a temp job.
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    Thanks for the advice but if I got hired as a temp driver for 18.75 and went back to package handling at night/morning would I keep same salary or what ever the union pay the usual 9.00/hr for the package handling
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    Fedex was the same way when a FT retired they replaced him/her with 2 part timers/seasonal. Is ups heading down that road aswell?
  6. You would not get to keep you pay sadly, you would go to the bottom and they would only consider you if they had a position open and you voiced that you would work part time.
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    You said you previously worked you not remember what this place was like? Really...yeah they're gonna pay a new hire 19 bucks an hour to load
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    Keep your "dead end" machine shop job and depending on your hours work p/t UPS till you can go full time perm.

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    Same. I got 2 calls to go casual driving before I accepted the 3rd call to go full time. Funny thing is, had I taken the first casual offer, I never would have stopped driving except that 2 week period in the fall where they can't work casuals, but I had no guarantee of that so I played it smart until it was permanent.
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    Did you work at ups during this period having the opportunity to deny the work? I feel like if I were to deny them that's the end of the road for me lol