UPS sends gift to my old address

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by 1080Driver, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. 1080Driver

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    My Mom passed late week & I get a call today from my next door neighbor from 2001 that a fruit basket was delivered to my old address from my friends at My new (since 2001) address is clearly on my weekly paycheck and my supes know I live on my route (since 1993), yet they send something to my previous address. Logistics, huh???
  2. greengrenades

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    That is odd, I'm sure there are a hundred different things at UPS with your correct address and they used the one thing that has your old one.
  3. Wally

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    Sorry about your Mom. Sounds like the old address is still on file.
  4. barnyard

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    Sorry for your loss.

    At my center, it is one of the office people that is in charge of all that. My guess is that she would use the address that she has written down some where. I am not sure that she would go through payroll and double-check that address.

    It is a shame, but at least someone from the office thought to send something. When my father-in-law passed, UPS did not send anything.
  5. ZQXC

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    I was very surprised that UPS did anything; just doesn't happen here.
  6. joeboodog

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    Sorry for your loss. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Go to upsers and make sure your emergency contact information shows your current address.

    Sorry for your loss.
  8. Johney

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    His check has his correct address. UPSers should also have that info. Like someone already said a ODS clerk most likely had an old add. somewhere and used it. These types of issues are handled in house.
  9. upschuck

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    UPS does nothing here. The union steward at pcm usually makes anouncement and takes up donation for flowers.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    Sorry for the loss.
    One thing I notice in your post is a lack of appreciation.
    Kind of answers why our turkeys flew the coop (pun intended)

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  11. pickup

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    Our local teamster union does the fruit basket thing. Did you actually get physical possession of the fruit basket to see who actually sent it?
  12. 1080Driver

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    I do appreciate it, I called my center manager today to thank him as it came from him. The fruit basket was delivered to my old house (moved in 2001); I have an uncle that lives next door & I assume the current owners of my old house brought it over to my him. I told my uncle to keep the basket as I don't need to drive 60 miles each way for some apples and peaches.
    And you're right in saying the OMS girls used my old address as my center manager and on-cars know where I live.
    All in all, it's worth a good chuckle in thinking they track something like 15 million pieces a day, but can't keep up to date tabs on their employees. It was the thought that matters, and that makes a difference.