UPS Shooting - San Francisco (how can we help/donation thread)

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    The building I am located in wants to donate to the families of the tragic shootings in San Francisco. I looked up Go Fund Me pages but don't know how many are legitimate. I do know one page was pulled as it was fraudulent. I had a chance to speak with (presumably) my counterpart (OMS) at their building. They are waiting for news from UPS about the Official Donation info. My counterpart has my UPS email and will either call or email me once she receives the info from her center manager and I'll post it in this thread when I know. Until then, we're collecting donations from whomever can contribute in our building.
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    You might want to run this by @cheryl first. She likes to verify these things first.
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    @cheryl Have you any info on this please?
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    I imagine something official will come around soon. At least at a local level.
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    I've got nothing on this. Sorry. Will post if and or when I do.
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    I've received an email from my counterpart in San Francisco. The link is from the Teamsters and will give you info. Copy and paste of email below.

    "Here is a link that will direct you about how and where to send donations for the fallen drivers.

    Thank you for your condolences and for helping to spread the work on how others are able to donate. It is very much appreciated."

    Teamsters Announce Memorial Fund for Victims of San Francisco UPS Shooting
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    Here's a snippet from the Teamsters press release on the memorial fund