UPS should replace the entire fleet with non union workers.

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  1. Preloaders @ my hub are always bitching about how UPS has cut hours, UPS this & that. If i were management, i'd replace the entire fleet with people who will work hard without whining about 20 minute being cut per week.
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    mam o man, are you about to get a new one torn open for that post. LMAO.
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    Excuse me? Um, who are you?
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    I should move this thread to the Labor Forum for laughs.
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    There is a very simple formula for those who work in a union shop: Union shop = seniority + mediocrity.
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    you totally should move it.

    To the OP...a fleet refers to vehicles not people so I'd prefer to not replace our fleet with people as my truck is a little faster than Aunt Bertha.
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    Pot: "Hi, I'm Mr Pot"

    Kettle: "Im Mr Kettle"

    Pot: "Say, I can't help but notice your dark complexion."
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    I don't think there is any one formula that can equate employer and employee relations, such as, I can state that that : Union Shop = Hard Work + Better Pay and Benefits. I can list many unionized workers that outperform non-union workers in their field. Mediocrity, can be claimed, in the work place is defined by management, mediocre management = mediocre workers.
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    If UPS could do it they would have already done it. You obviously not an employee or you wouldn't have such low knowledge of the job these "fleet" workers do. It always easy to look from the outside in and disparage others it quite another to actually do the job.

    In my long life I have met so many people who could look at someone else and the job they did and complain about them being over paid and not working hard enough. YET, I have never heard these same people point the finger back at themselves and say the same thing. In fact its quite the opposite. They to a person always portrayed themselves as under paid and over worked.

    Go figure.:nobrainzombis:
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    I am surprised that you would refer to yourself as mediocre. Usually you hold your head high- high above everyone here anyway.
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    Please list out any comparable company and metrics to show this is true.

    so union shop = hard work = great management according to your logic.
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    He's just trolling guys.
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    Check that. He's noodling.
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    Did Scott Davis share this gem with you while you were caddying his golf clubs or when you were polishing his balls?
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    Um... which set of balls :)?
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    The good thing about the union, they keep UPS in check. If they werent here UPS would be pushing people so hard they would fall over dead everyday of the week. Sure the work is hard, you put up with idiots who cant or wouldnt do our jobs, but thats life.

    And thats UPS life, sir. Theres always something different they try to make you do, say or preform at. If it isnt in the contract, then its not an agreeable term to anyone. The contract makes it so that UPS isnt overly firing, harassing or all of the above. The union is the solvent and UPS is the glue, in sorts. I will admit, we really do need them for this type of job.
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    Does this mean you finally stopped freeloading and signed a union card?
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    I cant believe people complain about hours being cut!! Who needs money? pters work harder in 3 hours than the majority of the us workforce do in eight hours.