UPS shutting down 138 hubs nationwide

Cowboy Mac

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The center I work at is 15 minutes from where I currently live. They are moving the work (feeder routes) 200 miles north. Maybe I don't understand the question?
I have heard of runs being moved years ago in South Texas. There was a driver in Corpus Christi, his run got moved to San Antonio so he moved and followed the work. There’s more opportunity in a larger hub, more runs to bid from. It sucks that you have to move to keep your job but I would rather be a feeder in ATL than a package driver anywhere.


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Years ago our small center (24 drivers at that time had 6 feeder routes out of it. Day and night Minneapolis- Day and night Fargo., ND and Day and night Bemidji,Mn. One day a new (lazy a hell) manager took over our center who made it know to corporate that he wanted nothing to do with feeders. Within a years we had ZERO feeder routes ran out of our center.


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Has anyone else heard anything about this? Our hub is being shut down and 19 feeder drivers being laid off causing a chain reaction of people losing their jobs. We're not getting very clear answers on anything. Just wondering what anyone else knows?
This is the first I've heard of such, please keep us informed as the situation develops.