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  1. dishnetworkcalltag!

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    do drivers have to wear UPS logo socks if they wear shorts?

    1994- UPS drivers are allowed to wear shorts.

    Appearance Guidlines-- proper footwear (ok) --no mention of socks.

    is this stated in some hidden policy that you have to buy/wear only UPS socks?

    WARNING: gray area (what if you wear no-show ankle socks...can you wear black?)

    thanks for anything.....

    and remember.......THEY ARE NOT GONNA GIVE UP THEIR DISH RECIEVER UNLESS THEY ARE MOVING..........easy stops! :O
  2. UPSGUY72

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    If you wear shorts you have to wear UPS logo socks end of story. We went through this at are building a couple of weeks back and
    if you come to work in shorts without UPS logo sock you run the chance of getting sent home for not being properly dressed.

    Go to and follow the link to cintas and order some. You can right it off on your taxes along with your shoes, boots, union dues, etc.
  3. Monkey Butt

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    Only the amount that exceeds 2% of your AGI - that is my recollection.
  4. Anonymous 10

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    If your a steward you can write off miles lunches your cell phone and other expenses. I'm sure I'm going to get grilled on this.
  5. Monkey Butt

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    I'm assuming the Union reimburses the steward for these expenses?

    If so, that is different as the employee does not claim these expenses on Income Tax - the reimbursing entity does as a business expense
  6. stevetheupsguy

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    It depends on YOUR workplace. Try this one day. Wear regular brown socks and see if they notice. Then work your way to the socks you prefer. If/when they notice, start this all over again. If they don't notice, you're in the clear. Just don't take this advice as giving you the okay to wear non-UPS logo socks. It's merely a stuggestion. Also, if you start wearing bright pink socks with a picture of Hello Kitty, we never had this conversation.:happy2:
  7. Omega man

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    The first UPS socks had no logo on them. They had a gold band around the top. My purchase of these socks many years ago is the only one I will ever make.
  8. soberups

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    The original socks that we were issued back in '94 did not have the UPS logo on them, they were brown with a gold stripe.

    As I recall, we paid about $3 a pair for them.

    I still wear mine. They wore out long ago, of course; so I simply cut the bottoms out of them and turned them into brown ankle bands with a gold stripe. I wear plain white socks, with the brown bands sticking out of the tops of my boots. Over the years I have had various supervisors try to tell me that I cannot wear them anymore; my response is to threaten to file a grievance and require the company to replace them at their expense if they want me to stop wearing them. This has never failed to get whoever is confronting me about them to shut up and go away.
  9. tracker2762

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    They don't enforce it at our center and some drivers look like bafoons. They wear their high top boots with the quarter socks and it looks like they're not wearing any socks. The ones that wear that wear sneakers wear the lowest ankle sock and they also look like they're not wearing any socks. If they sent drivers home for not wearing the correct socks the center would not function.
  10. dishnetworkcalltag!

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    yeah that's what I'm saying....... we have 2 weeks to all have the UPS logo socks... but some drivers at our center (me included) want to SEE where it says we have to (policy/contract book/restroom wall) .......because I can't locate it anywhere
    kinda like saying if your're gonna wear a UPS cap in the winter you must wear UPS mittens also...... just sayin'

    I've always worn the UPS logo socks because they seem to last longer than a "brown pair" from walmart anyways
  11. brownmonster

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    The socks with the old logo stay brown. I have a pair with the new logo and the color won't hold. Kind of a light tan now.