Ups still a good company to start a career?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by medilook, Aug 28, 2011.

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    I know a few years back ups was one of the best compannies to start a career, especially for minorities. Do you guys think it still is today?
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    Did you ever think about the military? It would be easier.
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    Believe it or not there are waiting lists to join the military.
  6. medilook

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    Why don't you guys think its a good place to start a career anymore?
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    If your single, and have no plans of having a family it would be fine.
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    if you dont mind being disciplined for a metric ,go for it
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    If you have any other options I would explore them first. If you have a degree use it. If your options are limited and you are able to get hired here I would do all that I could to stay here.

    The pay and benefits are the best in the industry but are almost not worth what you are asked to give in return.
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    Depends on what you call a career. A career to me means a series of jobs with different companies in a given discipline.
    You mentioned UPS as a place to start a career. If that means getting an entry level position and and learning the basics in an area of expertise - Industrial Engineering, Marketing, Sales, etc., then UPS is indeed a good place to start a career. Work here for 2 or 3 years in a very disciplined environment and very thoroughly documented approaches, etc. These learning experiences will serve an individual well in their career as a starting point.
    Operations at UPS is a more difficult consideration and I don't know that what you learn in operations serves one very well at other companies.

    UPS is still a good solid company to work for in this economic climate ... that is important.

    UPS has some tough obstacles to overcome in the next 40 years ... primarily a workforce that is over-compensated compared to the industry average. This is important for a person looking for a career at UPS since the number One reason people thought of UPS as a great place to have a career long-term job is the compensation.
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    It really depends on your goals in life, if your goal is to have a good income only to work unfavorable hours. UPS would work for you. For now. I believe as others have posted UPS may have difficulties in the very near future. Yes the economics play a big role. But I see a huge obstacle in the next decade being the loss of management personel that have been in the trenches. There are a lot of lower level management people counting their beans seeing when they cn "go". So many were hired in the 80's with the huge growth, are now nearing the end of their UPS career. And most hourly are seeing what the sups and center manager's are going through and are saying no way. The company will change drastically in the next decade IMO. And if you are a family person, there is little room for that during the week. Yes we have weekends, and good vaca time. But for as hard as we work, I would suggest looking at other options. The payoff isn't there any more.
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    As a 33 year employee, I have been saying that I feel sorry for new employees coming in.All that matters now is production and they keep upping the numbers to be met without actually getting out and seein how things really are.As said in other replies if you dont mind giving up your personal life during the week and are just looking for good pay and benefits then its not bad.
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    What are the average hours for a delivery driver anyway?
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    I start at 8:50AM and consider myself lucky to clock out at 7:20PM. In my case, I leave my house at 7:15AM and might get home by 8PM on a good night. If you have young children, you will miss about everything they do growing up during the week. The money and benefits are decent, but its not a family friendly job.
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    Absolutly not!!!!!!!! They treat eveyone like crap!!!!!!go somewhere else!!!!!i wouldnt recommend this company to anyone!!!no matter what they pay!!!
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    I'm going against popular opinion here and say i think UPS is an excellent place to start a career. If one starts as a part time employee , the employee will have Tuition Reimbursement,free healthcare after a year,a chance to buy UPS stock at 5% discount as well as a 401K plan. While full time hiring has slowed down due to a variety of reasons, if the PT employee is patient he/she will certainly in time go FT in a few years due to the retirement of so many of us who were hired in the 70's and 80's. A Driving position is hard work,but drivers are well compensated,and can earn a retirement pension.

    If the PT time employee opts to leave after earning his/her degree ,employment by UPS looks excellent on a resume.
  18. brownboxman

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    That differs with the management, but my boss says corp is aiming for 9.7
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    Anywhere you go these days you will find companies demanding more and more for the same compensation or less. Just a fact of life. UPS isn't going to be any different. I didn't plan on being a UPS man when growing up, but you know what they say: life is what happens while you were making other plans. My kids are both educated because of this company. They have straight teeth, we own our own home, and we've never gone hungry. Sounds good as it gets these days.
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    50 hour weeks are tough, but hey if it pays the bills and you're off weekends gotta reap what u sew I guess. I've taken crap my whole life, so I'm already prepared for the hellish work and abuse