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    I appreciate all help that I recieved awhile back when I had questions about selling some UPS stock as a result of a divorce.

    I just had another question for those who have sold UPS stock before. I sold about $1500.00 worth of stock in which I have to give to my ex as part of our marital settlement. She did not want the stock shares to be transferred over to her.

    Anyways, today I got home and just recieved a check for only $31.17. Do they send multiple checks for the sale of these shares? Or is there a reason why I would only have recieved such a small check? My ex is going to snap and demand this money and I am just trying to figure out what happened.

    I would appreciate anyones experience in this as I will not be able to call Mellon until tomorrow afternoon and this will just bug me until I know what happens.
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    I've sold stock a few times. I always got the entire amount in a single check. It would be minus their transaction fee ($10 or $15).

    My check always went via electronic funds deposit.

    If you log into Mellon, does it show you selling $1500?

  3. surviv'n_it

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    Hi. I had less than 100 shares in which I had to split half with my ex. She didnt want the shares transferred over but wanted the money. I had to convert the shares to class B. When I log into Mellon, It shows that I had shares converted over to class b but it seperates them in the transaction statement. It shows 5 seperate transactions of converting over to class B. On the last transaction it shows only the sale of 1/2 of a share but that all the other shares are still showing in conversion. However when you first log in, it shows all the shares have been sold.

    I have my bank registered with them, I wonder why they didnt direct deposit it.
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    Something does not sound right. Have you closed the account that you were using for direct deposit, that is the only reason a check would be sent to your home.

    You should have received a confirmation page, which you should always save for future reference regarding your shares and sale.

    I would log back on the site, verify your sale again and then contact Mellon. I have been selling stock for quite a few years, and never had a problem with any transactions.
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    I have a novel idea......
    instead of conducting important business like this on the internet why don't you call Mellon ask questions and actually get answers from a real human being.
    Have pen and paper handy during the call so you can write down the date, time and name of the person you talked to and keep it in your records because, as you might guess, one phone call never takes care of the situation.
  6. rod

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    Go read your court papers again. I bet your ex got it all- good luck
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    What price does mellon assign when you sell. I have heard it is whatever UPS closed at the end of the day. Is this correct?
  8. OldUPSDriver

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    I think it is the average price for that day.:sad2: