UPS Takes the Lead on Hydraulic Hybrids

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    UPS Takes the Lead on Hydraulic Hybrids - Business Week

    The delivery company will deploy seven trucks with a technology to challenge the electric hybrid—and may point the way for more green vehicles.

    Next year, the United Parcel Service (UPS) will deploy on U.S. streets a new model of its signature boxy brown truck. At first glance, it'll look no different than any of the company's 93,000 other delivery trucks. Inside the hulking chassis, however, will sit a hybrid technology that uses a hydraulic motor in concert with a diesel engine to power the vehicle. The Environmental Protection Agency received a patent on the system nearly a decade ago.
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    :happy-very: Very cool. I wonder if they will have the umph to do the job that the diesels do.
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    will that replace the 9 trucks they junked yesterday.