UPS / Teamster Early Negotiations: Why so long to present Healthcare Issue?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by InsideUPS, Apr 3, 2013.

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    UPS - Teamster negotiations reportedly began on September 27, 2012.

    The question I have is; "why do you believe UPS waited so long to bring up the healthcare issue of $30/$60/$90, when they knew that this would be a major stumbling block in negotiations?

    It is now April 3 (6 months later) and over 240,000 UPS Teamsters are waiting to see the fate of their lives and that of their family. Other than those of us on Brown Cafe and the negotiating teams for both UPS and the Teamsters...... I really do not think the rest of our work force, the stock holders, and the rest of America has a clue what may happen in four months if we cannot come to an agreement.

    I know for a fact that the 80 or so drivers in my building have no idea about the current contract negotiations. All of them are like sheep in the dark. Considering that MAJOR adjustments in these people's lives may be near, I would like to think that the Locals across the country would be preparing and informing ALL UPS Teamsters. The longer our IBT waits to come up with some FIRM proposals and statements, the LESS prepared we ALL are.. I firmly believe that most UPS Teamsters take for granted that each contract brings better wages and better benefits. Time will tell.......
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    "...waiting to see the fate of their lives and their families..."

    It's a contract negotiation, not a death sentence----we will still continue to enjoy the industry leading wage, benefits and pension---we just may have to pay a little toward the benefits.
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  4. realbrown1

    realbrown1 Annoy a liberal today. Hit them with facts.

    They are like mushrooms because they are not giving any information by the union and they either don't know where to go to get some information or they are too lazy or tired to even try.
    For all the union dues that we pay, you would think that the union bulletin board would have something about negotiations. Heck my centers board has postings 6 months old and nobody even looks at it anymore.
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    UpstateNYUPSer..... for some people that may not be in as good of financial shape as you and I.... it (a strike) would be like a death sentence to some. When you spend most of your life looking out after other people as well as yourself....(like in a steward position)... you learn that not everyone is in the same position financially, emotionally, etc.. Not everyone has grown children like you and I. Also, if you consider $90/week for a part-timer with a family "a little toward benefits".....I'm not sure that you really understand the world of UPS through a part-timers eyes... or better yet.. pocket..

  6. soberups

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    It sounds to me like they are getting the representation that they deserve.

    Lots of people like to bitch about the union. Funny thing is, they tend to shut up right quick when you suggest to them that they take the time to get involved, go to meetings, or even run for a position in their Local. Its a lot easier to just bitch about the problem than it is to become part of the solution.
  7. soberups

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    Another way to phrase the question would be..."why do you think the company chose to start pretending to negotiate so early?"

    As one who has been around since 1987 I can tell you that UPS typically does not even begin to seriously negotiate until the last week of July or so. I dont know why anybody expected that it would be any different this time around.
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    Q: What is the status of negotiations between UPS and the Teamsters?
    A: The current negotiations between UPS and the Teamsters have been ongoing since they began on September 27, 2012, nearly a year prior to the expiration of the current agreements. Significant progress has been made on the master and supplemental agreements. The lines of communication between the parties are open, proposals are being exchanged and agreements on non-economic issues are being reached. Planned negotiating sessions have been completed in March and the negotiating teams have committed to meet the weeks of April 15 and April 22 to work toward reaching a handshake agreement. In the past two negotiations, UPS and the union also began early and arrived at new agreements well before the existing agreements expired.

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    Thank you, insideups!! What you said is exactly the way I feel. I am a pt worker, just hit my 12 yr. I know I make good money, and I get almost 5 hrs every day. I'm very happy for that, and I can't complain. I just lost my full time job and looking for something to replace that, but its hard to find an exact job that works around the ups schedule. I am married and have a child. If for some reason this healthcare would pass ,that 90 a week would destroy me. That is a lot of money to a pt worker taking care of a home and family. Thanks for supporting us part timers, some forget how much we mean for the company and teamsters.
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    You are correct soberups... many people like to bitch about the Union ...but very few employees take an active role in Union activities. In my years of experience (34+).....the reasons are as follows:

    1) Time - Drivers are worked longer hours than ever before....the LAST thing they want to do is devote more time to work by participating in Union activities.

    2) Politics - The Union like all organizations is full of politics. If you don't know the right people at the State how quick the grievances you bring them get shot down... In other words... sometimes even if you take the time to get WILL run into "political" roadblocks..

    3) Confidence - Many people simply do not have the self confidence in presenting grievances and representing their fellow workers.

    4) Selfishness - A certain segment of UPS Teamsters are "Me" people. They are the ones who don't need a Union, don't want a Union, and feel that they can take care of any and all problems at work.

    Any one or a combination of the above reasons are why "UPS Teamsters" do not become involved.

    The Union is a complex entity which very few UPSers truly understand. It is a type of "Socialism" that exists for the good of many..... rather than the good of a few. hall is not ONLY negotiating for UPS Teamsters in this contract, he is negotiation on BEHALF of ALL it ultimately will affect thousands of other pensions from NON-UPS companies. That is why hall or ANYONE else will NEVER make everybody happy. I DON'T envy his job or the decisions he has to make. Many sideline quarterbacks playing "fantasy football".....but very few actually willing to be put in the "game".
  11. Monkey Butt

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    Probably because this is a financial issue and the tradition is to get all supplementals and non-financial terms completed first.
  12. island1fox

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    No disrespect meant. Just know your statement is not correct.

    If you have been part of negotiations --from BOTH sides at different times in your life ---I know you would not make that claim.

    Negotiations are just that --negotiations -always get tougher as the clock ticks down for both sides .
  13. Brownslave688

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    Probably because our last one was actually decided on very early.
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    $90 bucks a week would be bad enough for UPS's full-time employees but for a part-time employee thats easily a days wages, once a week. I know most have other jobs but it'd still be hard for me to deal with knowing I'm working a 4-5 hour shift every week, just to provide health insurance to people that would rather not get up at 3a.m. & load trucks.
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    I'm a part time loader,I make only 10.50 an hour, after child support I bring home $50 a week. If this goes through I would imagine that ups will lose every loader that's been there less than two years. Good luck replacing them !!!
  16. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The 30/60/90 was before the Union offered to take over the healthcare for those hourly employees currently on the company plan. The company has agreed to this proposal in principle and now the Union is crunching the numbers. If agreed to the company will continue to pay the union what it currently pays towards healthcare and the 30/60/90 will go away.

    This change won't happen overnight---there would have to be a transition period (Jan 1st, 2014?)---and there may be co-pays and deductibles but I am confident that we won't be asked to pay for any portion of our healthcare premiums.
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    So with record profits the teamsters give in once again and take it on the chin. Our benefits keep getting worse and worse while UPS profits get bigger and bigger each yr!
  18. UpstateNYUPSer

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    How are the Teamsters giving in? Do you have any idea of the bargaining power the Union would have when shopping for healthcare for their 250K members? Do you have any proof that a Teamster plan offers inferior benefits to those of a company plan? Co-pays and deductibles are minimal and work to keep our collective healthcare costs down. A $10 doctor's office co-pay is neglible but a $100 ER co-pay makes people think twice before seeking emergent care.
  19. brownmonster

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    I have yet to see my benefits get worse and worse in any of the former contracts.
  20. Brownslave688

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    Read the freight letter from teamsters. It says 30/60/90 is still on the table.