UPS Tests a 3-D Printing Service and Delivery Business

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    UPS Tests a 3-D Printing Service and Delivery Business - NASDAQ

    At its hub in Louisville, Ky., United Parcel Service Inc. recently rolled out 100 industrial-grade 3-D printers to make everything from iPhone gizmos to airplane parts.

    UPS wants to find out if 3-D printing centers could shorten supply chains and cut into its $58 billion-a-year transportation business--or give it a leg up in a potentially emerging market for local production and delivery.
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    Very interesting article.
  3. trickpony1

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    The company could clone upstate and replace all others with the clone.

    Labor costs would go down, stock value would rise dramatically and BOOM.....we would all be multimillionaires.
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  4. Gumby

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    Would they a scan early Am's before they got to the stop? Would they also pick on all of the retired people on BC?
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  5. I Am Jacks Damaged Box

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    You would have to worry about the clones ability to dodge vehicular traffic while on foot. Oh, and you'd have to clone his cat and 3D print new decks.

    Sounds like a logistical nightmare to me, but I hear that you guys love logistics.