UPS Theft Case Is Sent to Grand Jury

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    UPS Theft Case Is Sent to Grand Jury - Connection Newspapers

    In January, Fairfax County police charged Lovelace Suttles, 34, of 13927 Rockland Village Drive, in Chantilly, with grand larceny. They believe that Suttles, a three-year employee of the UPS (United Parcel Service) in Chantilly, stole items addressed to other people.
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    It's my understanding that cases get sent to the grand jury because the prosecuting authorities really aren't sure if they have a case.
    If the grand jury indicts then that serves to bolster the prosecuting authorities claim of a case, as well as gathering evidence and statements on record, and the case proceeds. At least that is my assumption from the grand jury duty I served a number of years ago.
    Will we hear the conclusion of the grand jury investigation?
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    desperate people do desperate things. or is it stupid people?