UPS to close billing center in Des Moines

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    UPS to close billing center in Des Moines - Des Moines Register

    A United Parcel Service billing center at 3920 Delaware Ave. in Des Moines will be shut down in phases during the coming year, the company has told employees.

    About 80 full- and part-time employees of the Des Moines center and about 110 employees at a UPS billing center in Columbia, S.C., will be either absorbed into other UPS operations or provided severance packages based on length of employment, UPS spokesman Norman Black said.

    None of UPS's other 1,350 employees in the Des Moines area will be effected by the shutdown, Black said.
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    Is that the same Norman Black as this guy?

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    Rod, that's great !

    I like the fact, when volume is up, and funny numbers...
    Profits are up, but volume isn't !

    Sooo funny, but sad it's actually true !