UPS to Deliver For L.L.Bean

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    According to an article in Fast Company magazine last year, L.L. Bean ships 12 million packages a year. If UPS is winning this business even at the low end of the shipping price (say $4.00 a package), that's a nice bit of new business for UPS--$48 million/year and a big loss for FedEx.

    "Feb. 9, 2009 - UPS has been selected as the primary package delivery carrier for L.L.Bean, the 97-year-old outdoor apparel and equipment company.

    The move, effective Feb. 23, follows a lengthy evaluation process. UPS will provide both ground and air service to deliver the orders of L.L.Bean customers shopping through the famed retailer's catalogs as well as online.",1088,5083,00.html
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    OK then...I've missed buying their products over the past 15 years or so since they switched to FedEx.
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    Hoke you seem like an LL bean kinda guy
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    Yes! They just posted 7-10 feeder bids to cover the volume. They are expecting 40,000 Pkgs per day March thu September...And 80,000 per day October thu peak. Of course, who knows what the economy will do to those numbers.
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    i've been delivering alot of llbean here in maine...its great we got this account.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't we have the LL Bean account years ago? Back when we had Spiegel and JC Penneys and Sears and Lands End and Fingerhut and Avon -------------and on and on. Good to have them back
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    It's been along time.What took us so long to get this back.Next up: Dell?
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    Great news!
    I do not know the ratio between the increase of feeder runs to the increase of pkg car drivers needed to deliver these pkgs.
    If it stabilizes drivers positions in lower volume areas, Great!!!
    If it creates new driver positions, Better!!!
    I will repeat myself,
    Great News!!!!!!!
  9. satellitedriver

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    Why did you have to bring up Avon?
    I only have to deal with them every other Thursday and today is just Monday.
    For some strange reason, Avon day is always the heaviest bulk delivery day for all my business and resi stops.
    Is Spiegel still around?
  10. rod

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    Spiegel is gone for good. All my Avon ladies used to meet me at my first stop and get their stuff. Except during peak - then EVERYBODY was an Avon lady.
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    This is good..really good!!! We need every bit of it, we all have families to feed.
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    I just ordered some ink for my Dell printer. DHL used to bring it. I'm curious to see if I will deliver that to myself this time.

    My daughter got me bbq sauce of the month for 3 months at the end of last year for my birthday. DHL brought that too in Oct and Nov but UPS got it in Dec. I don't know how much volume we got from Flying (yes, that's the name of the co.), but it's nice to know we are getting some of that DHL volume!
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    In the last few weeks 2 fedex drivers have mentioned LL Bean to me. They're not happy about losing that volume. Many praises to everyone involved in winning this account for us.
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    Somewhere in fedex land an account executive is looking for a new job.
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    We have had LLBean returns until now, which are mostly RS and ARS through UPS. LLBean has mostly been covered by Fed Ex to my knowledge.
  16. over9five

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    Good to have LL Bean back.

    I remember those Christmas trees. Good luck with 3 or 4 of those in your car, Package guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    From what I hear, the last few negotiations didn't go so well...we would have been losing money on the finished goods side...doing better profit-wise with the add-on business we now have.
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  18. Covemastah

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    yup we did Rod,but Bean got :censored2: when we went to a resi rate split and went to FedEx .The first peak with FEDEX,almost killed Bean.FEDEX didn't have the manpower or eqmnt to do it.UPS was called to a meeting and told Bean to tear up the FEDEX contract and we will clean up the mess.When they said ''no'' Brown laughed and said ok and walked out the door.
  19. Covemastah

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    038 598 membah that # over yah those trees sucked!
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