UPS to hike dividend, buy back more stock: CFO in paper

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    UPS to hike dividend, buy back more stock: CFO in paper - Reuters

    United Parcel Service (UPS.N) plans to woo shareholders with a higher dividend and more share buybacks rather than use strong cashflow for large acquisitions, chief financial officer Kurt Kuehn told a German newspaper.

    UPS pays "a very high dividend and are planning a further dividend increase next year," Kuehn was quoted as saying in an interview published by Boersen-Zeitung on Thursday.

    "Next year, we want to significantly increase that (buyback) volume," Kuehn told the newspaper.

    He said the express delivery company -- a bellwether of the U.S. economy -- had no plans to use substantial amounts of cash for large acquisitions in the near future but would focus on small to medium-sized targets.
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    Looks like UPS is finally figuring out how to position our stock.
    I've been saying this is what we should do for years ... I guess we had to try and position as a growth stock but it never made sense to me.