UPS to Host 170 Job Fairs as It Searches for 100,000 Seasonal Workers

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    UPS to Host 170 Job Fairs as It Searches for 100,000 Seasonal Workers - Fortune

    UPS is planning a massive push to bring on seasonal workers, announcing plans to hire 100,000 people to keep up with demand. And to achieve that goal, the delivery service will host nearly 170 job fairs around the country on Friday, Oct. 19.

    Dubbing the day “Brown Friday,” UPS will meet directly with job seekers and expects to hire thousands of employees immediately. (The company doesn’t expect to hire all 100,000 seasonal employees at the fairs.)

    The 100,000 figure, which UPS announced in mid-September, is a slight uptick from previous years. In 2016 and 2017, for example, the company hired 95,000 seasonal employees.
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    They are renting 60 trucks at one building. How do they expect to hire 60 drivers?
    How do they expect to load an extra 60 cars?
    Do they even have 60 extra diads nationwide?
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    I was just thinking about that.
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    Each job fair would have to attract 590 seasonal workers.
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    Hire 8,500 more for Chicago only. They going :strikesmileys:.:cheers: