UPS to pay $4.2 million for false delivery claims

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    UPS to pay $4.2 million for false delivery claims - USA Today

    Package delivery giant UPS (UPS) Wednesday reached a $4.2 million settlement for overcharging 17 states and three local entities by falsely recording that next-day delivery packages reached their intended destinations on time.

    The agreement, the Atlanta-based company's second on similar allegations this year, covers alleged wrongdoing from 2004 to 2014 in which some employees recorded inaccurate delivery times on packages that government customers sent via UPS next-day delivery services.
  2. Billy Ray

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    If it's late, it's late.
    Don't record it any other way.

    This will be a hot issue for a while, and heads could roll; don't let one of those be yours.
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    I thought that sounded like old news and the link doesn't match the headline.

    It does link to a current but different story
    FedEx, TNT Express say takeover to go ahead
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    but they micro-manage us to death to follow every single rule.
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    And many UPS drivers lose their jobs each day for "dishonesty"?

    Drivers in our building are no longer permitted to record a package as "damaged"...even though it clearly is damaged. really did pay for this UPS "whistle blower" to be honest...
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    My fault. I was fumbling around and posted the wrong link.

    It's fixed now.

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    Of all the States to code a Emergency Condition package Hawaii is on the list.
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    Thanks Dave.
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    Where did drivers learn to work dishonestly?