UPS to pay $4.9M in class-action religious lawsuit

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    UPS to pay $4.9M in class-action religious lawsuit - SiLive

    United Parcel Service, Inc., the world’s largest package delivery company, will pay $4.9 million and provide other relief to settle a class religious discrimination lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the federal agency announced this week.

    UPS prohibits male employees in supervisory or customer contact positions, including delivery drivers, from wearing beards or growing their hair below collar length, said the EEOC.

    The EEOC alleged that since at least Jan. 1, 2005, UPS failed to hire or promote individuals whose religious practices conflict with its appearance policy and failed to provide religious accommodations to its appearance policy at facilities throughout the United States.
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    Can UPS make them have a trimmed beard? I have seen some long scraggly beards on part timers.

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    In our building half our our package care drivers looks like they belong on "Duck Dynasty"..:didimiss:
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    I don't think so. That is party of a medical exception to shaving. Some religious practices such as Sikh and some fundamentalist Islam practitioners call for men to grow out long beards.
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    Screw’em- make them eat bacon too.
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    And use toilet paper.
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    Well, as a member of the Church of the Prophet @rod , in addition to Fridays and every other Tuesday off, my faith calls for hookers and blow be provided by my employer the last Thursday if every month. UPS never accommodated my religious requirements for all the years I worked and I really feel it did irreparable harm to my spiritual growth. I'm starting a class action if any members of the faith want to join.
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    I don’ care what religion you are as long as you don’t believe that blowing yourself and others up, crashing planes into buildings or wiping with your left hand is the thing to do.