UPS to Use Sensors That Can Track Medical Packages at All Times

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    UPS to Use Sensors That Can Track Medical Packages at All Times - Marketscreener

    United Parcel Service Inc. early next year plans to launch a service for health-care customers that uses sensors and data analytics to track medical packages' exact location in near-real time.

    The service, UPS Premier, will prioritize the handling of shipments such as personalized medicines, DNA and gene therapies, investigative drugs, laboratory specimens and implantable medical devices. The goal is to ensure that packages arrive at exactly the right time and place, despite factors such as bad weather.

    "Having better visibility about where shipments are [means] when unexpected things happen, we'll be in a better position to react," said Juan Perez, the company's chief information and engineering officer.
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    RFID chip embedded in the label.
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    Can't they do that now with all that Tech crap? I thought they could tell where every driver is during the day and they know what is on the truck?
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    They're gonna want us to follow orion exactly, and be in accordance to the orion delivery times. Lmfao