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    Long haul
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    That about sums it up.
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    Certainly not going to break the internet with this one.
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    That's about it in a nutshell.
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    Thread's done. Close it down.

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    Sorry guys, I entered that as a search. Was intending to look for something I read a while back about teams driving sleeper trucks on long hauls.
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    Whaddya wanna know? Did that for 5 years here.
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    What were the distances you would be running and how did the pay work?
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    We get paid every week
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    Distance depends. Ours was scheduled for (if I remember right) about 5,000 miles a week. We'd always take extras, tho, which was almost everyweek so that brot us over 6,000 p/w.

    Some, I've heard, were less than 4,000. Just depends on where you are, where you go, how much you wanna do.

    Pay? Everything's per mile, whatever rate is now (been retired 4 years now so don't know) and with us, it was HUB mile. I heard there was some argument about SCHEDULED or HUB.

    Delays are by the hour. When we got to furthest point on first leg, we had to give 2 hours if we had to wait. After that, everything was delay. ANY turnaround is delay/pay per hour.


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    Ya, been here for 26 years, I know we get paid weekly. Was just wondering how the company pays team drivers. I'm sure it's not gonna be full pay for all hours in the truck.
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    Each driver, A and B, get paid the same at all times or hours on the truck. Don't matter if you're driving or sleeping, you get paid what other driver gets paid. Miles or hours

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    In our new contract, the sleeper provisions have changed. Now, a sleeper team is paid by the "scheduled" miles, unless diverted by CMG/ICC. All other driven miles will NOT be paid.

    You would be paid .81 cents per mile then divided in half. Example: 3500 miles x.81 =2835.00 / divided in half 1417.50. In order for a run to be worth a 40 hour workweek, the route MUST exceed 3200 miles. If not, you are required to work either a monday or friday local work to make a 40 hour workweek.

    As some of us have seen, UPS has cut routes down to below 3200 miles in many cases and for others, they exceed the 3200 hours.

    You also get paid TA time, fueling and breakdowns by the hour. Also, if you drive on your shift and exceed 300 miles, your hourly rate of pay increases to 35.31 an hour.

    Per diem time is also paid and is calculated by the miles driven.

    So, lets say you took a 2800 mile trip. You are scheduled to leave on tuesday morning and return on thursday evening. The route would pay 2268.00 for the miles divided in half or 1134.00 (gross) for the three days not including downtime, fuel and TA time.

    That would equal a 32 hour workweek and you would need one more day local work to make 40 hours.

    In the end, you would add another 388.00 to the 1134.00 for a total of $1522.00. Using an average of 5 hours "downtime" thats another 177.00 or $1699.00 for the week.

    This may or may not be more than you would make in package.

    Hope this helps.

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    The $388.00 would be the additional day worked in feeder locally. 10 hours.


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    Thanks for the breakdown TOS