UPS transfer California to Utah???

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    Hello Everyone,
    I work at UPS in Oakland California. I'm looking to transfer to Salt Lake City Utah. I have talked to a few coworkers and they have informed me that UPS doesn't transfer state to state. So I'm wondering is that true? If it isn't true how does transferring work? If it is true I'm needing to know if I should reapply at that hub? I have not talked to HR yet I was just wanting to get a little information before I went in there.. Also will I lose my pay rate? I know I lose all my seniority correct? This is kinda confusing ... :(
    Thank you all so much,
    Paulie :)
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    Were you planning on posting the same thing in every forum?
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    Hello @bleedinbrown58 sorry I wanted to get some information so I posted in more then one forum... :why: get upset with me??? lol
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    There is a transfer sheet that is available.....somewhere in your building. It comes around once a year. You sign up for where you want to transfer. Then you are on the transfer list. If the building that you want to transfer to has an opening and they are looking for transfers then you might get the call. It depends on where they are in their hiring ratio(inside, transfer, off the street)
    And they do transfer outside the state. We have had several transfers in our building. One from Portland and one from Las Vegas. There was another but his wife told him she was not living in the wilderness. She was a big city girl.