UPS Truck Abandoned And Unlocked In Natomas

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    UPS Truck Abandoned And Unlocked In Natomas - CBS Sacramento

    While UPS trucks are known for making deliveries, one box truck with the signature logo was parked overnight on Sierra Point Drive in a Natomas business park
    fully loaded and unlocked.

    A local business owner assumed it was abandoned and made calls at 7 in the morning. Plenty of people who work in the area were confused, including long-haul truck driver Harry Singh.

    “I don’t know it certainly got my head scratching too. I don’t really understand what UPS is doing,” said Singh who added the truck should have been locked with a seal on the rear cargo door.
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    Driver quit or ran out of hours and nobody sent to pick up the load?
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    It's being used similar to a tp60...

    Someone forgot to padlock the cargo door...
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    Meanwhile some clown is probably a block away stealing one package off of someones porch.
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    Ugh, come on, that's off topic from Cheryl s OP

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