UPS truck burned, driver killed in deadly crash on I-81

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    UPS truck burned, driver killed in deadly crash on I-81 - WSLS

    The Tennessee Highway Patrol released more information about a fatal crash that shut down northbound lanes of Interstate 81 at the Greene-Hamblen County line for five hours.

    A UPS double-tractor trailer on the northbound side of I-81 hit the back of a pick-up truck towing a camper near mile marker 18, THP said. The UPS truck hit the guardrail and caught fire. The pickup truck overturned and also hit the guardrail.

    THP identified the deceased driver of the tractor trailer as James Berl Tacy, Jr, 67, Covington Virginia.

    UPSBOT When UPS Was Fun

    Donna Sensabaugh · Lexington High School, Lexington, VA It would be really nice if all the media would follow up with the details released since this story ran. The Roanoke Times reported that Tennessee State Police have now released that the driver of the pick-up (who had been drinking) pulled from the side of the road into the path of Mr. Tacy and that charges are now pending.
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    Yes it would. I love how we always get the blame. Anyhow, RIP our dear driver, and prayers to the family.
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    The article doesn't detail traffic conditions when it happened other than to state it happened at 2pm.
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    This is the 2nd deadly crash involving a UPS feeder driver in less than 3 weeks. The other occured on I-80 in NW Pennsylvania. At times like this you can only think about the familes who have lost a husband, father, brother, grandfather, uncle and possibly a great-grandfather. Lets all take a moment to say a prayer for them.
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    He was a 46year employee of UPS. Circle of Honor 34year safe driver!!!! Did not know him personally but just listening to other drivers talk he was very well like and never meet a stranger!!!!! RIP my Brown brother!!!!!!
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    Accident still under investigation but last I heard the other driver was charge with DUI! Not for sure about that its just what everyone has been talking about!!!
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    I'm reaching out to you guys in hopes that you may be able to provide me with some information. I'm actually one of James Tacy's two sons. The reason I'm trying to reach out to you is that we're trying to find out if anyone knows anymore information regarding the accident. Maybe someone who works at UPS knows more regarding if UPS is pressing charges against Kevin Bowling, or if they are saying the case is closed. We've been working with a local lawyer to try to find out what really happened, but in terms of witnesses, there really aren't in coming forward. And the report by THP isn't very informative, and seems like they didn't even do much in terms of investigating the accident.

    I've heard numerous stories regarding the accident, some blaming my father; which I know cannot be true due to the fact the man was a man of safety (he preached it to me on a daily basis), and wouldn't do anything that would jeopardize the his life, or someone elses for that matter on the road. For a man with his tenure in UPS, you know he knew what he was doing.

    Hoping that maybe some of you may have some answers or some information that I don't have. If you do, it would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Cody Ryder
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    Lawsuits once filed are in the public domain so a search of records at the point of proper jurisdiction could easily reveal that information. If you've not located it, you are either looking in the wrong jurisdiction or no lawsuit is yet filed. The statue of limitations barring such action is still open so this doesn't mean in the future a case may or may not result.

    Best of luck and sorry for your loss.
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    Thank you for the information. I may be looking in the wrong places I suppose then. The only thing I can find related in any sort of way to the accident, are just the news articles regarding it on several different sites. I've tried searching for any actual pending charges from THP or UPS and have came up with nothing. I know they've said that Kevin Bowling had been drinking, but even in the actual police report it doesn't give you much. I've seen a few people say he got charged with a DUI, but can't find any record of that anywhere, and also can't find any record of where they did a more throughout investigation regarding the accident. It seems like they wrapped it up pretty quickly which to me is very odd. Just trying to get as many answers as possible.
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    So sorry for your loss.
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    Not really a lawyer person, but I would go talk to a reputable wrongful death attorney. The consult would probaly cost little to nothing. And he could head you in the right direction. UPS accidents get very little coverage, and I take that his center has not been in contact with you. It has been over 6 months, you deserve some answers.
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    I think a private investigator, might be even better.
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    Come on Feeder driver network. Anyone have any info on this crash, and how the driver was or was not charged?
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    This might be a good place to start, I did some searching of public records and didn't find anything but that might be because the case hasn't come to trial yet. You might try getting into contact with a court clerk in Greene county and see if they can help you out.
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    Thanks for the help everyone. I actually took it upon myself to reach out to Kevin Bowling, in hopes he would give me some answers to what really happened in the accident. Unfortunately, other then saying sorry for my loss, he wouldn't say much else, as he informed me he has legal counsel due to UPS as he says "making the last 6 months of his life the most miserable experience he's ever had". He said that they haven't been very nice towards him, and that a lot is going on between himself, and UPS which leads me to believe UPS feels as though he's responsible for the wreck. What gets me is why UPS hasn't reached out to me, or any other member of the family to let us know that they're pursuing something legally against Kevin Bowling. It seems like they're out for their own agenda, instead of being there for the family who lost a loved one. I figured UPS would have a little more about them to at least keep in touch with the family of a man who drove for them 40+ years, and to let us know what was going on, instead of keeping us in the dark for the past 6 months. Needless to say, Kevin Bowling said that UPS has harassed him, and made it impossible for him to move on, and that after everything settles down with UPS, then maybe he could help me get some closure, but until then he can't say anymore to me. :-/