UPS truck hits horse in Pella

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    UPS truck hits horse in Pella - Des Moines Register

    Jeffrey Hopkins, 42, of Fremont, was driving south on Dean Avenue at about 6 p.m. when he saw a horse in the road, but was unable to stop in time, according to an Iowa State Patrol crash report.

    The truck hit the horse and ended up in a ditch. Hopkins was taken to a hospital in Pella. The report indicated he was wearing his seatbelt.
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    This accident happened in my neighboring center. My Center Manager looks over this center as well as ours. At our AM Prework meeting this morning we were told a little more about the accident. Jeff was driving a P700. He hit the Black horse after dark. Front bumper hardly had a scratch, but it shoved the hood, steering column and windshield frame back. Lower windshield frame hit him just below his knees and he needed medical care. Jeff passed the word out to always wear your seat belt. (Also, keep your bulkhead door closed when traveling) Keep him in your prayers.
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    Im glad he was driving a vehicle with a 3-point seat belt or he would probably be dead.

    I once spent 20 minutes using my package car to try and keep a horse from running out onto a highway. The horse had gotten out of its pasture and had run into an adjacent field that was fenced on 3 sides, with the side along the road being unfenced. The owner was trying to lasso it, but it kept running away and trying to get out, so I kept backing up and going forward and using the package car as a barricade to keep it contained in the field. The road I was on was 1/4 mile off of a busy highway and a horse running loose could have killed someone. Finally a neighbor saw what was going on and rode out there on her own horse and got it under control.
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    Probably be charged with accident
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    No doubt as he should based on what we know.