ups tuition assistant with a pell grant question

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  1. If you get a pell grant through filling out the FASFA will ups still reimburse you any money if the pell grant covers the entire cost of tuition?
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    What do you think?
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    It's a question for your HR dept. Some locations don't have the PT college assist anymore...
  4. Well if they tuition is less than 2K and my pell grant will cover the cost...but do you think I can still get the reimbursment from UPS? Will UPS know that I used grant money instead of out of pocket money? Or do i just submit the tuition bill and they will reimburse the said amount?
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    I would think you would have to prove you paid something in order to get reimbursed. Meaning you have to have receipts.
  7. Yea but it shouldnt be UPS's business if i got a grant or not right? If you work for UPS and your on food stamps they dont pay you less so they should still reimburse you for the tuition because either way you did pay for it whether grant money or not, the still money got taken out of your personal bank account.

    But i dont think they have the tuition assistance program where i live...i was denied entry to the website due to ineligibilty so i have to make some calls to HR

    Has anybody ever heard of certain regions/districts opt-ing out of this assistance program?
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    If your school was paid for by the Pell grant than no you did NOT pay for school, therefore, you should not be eligible for tuition assistance because you do NOT need it.
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    I think you qualify for a food and clothing allowance also.