UPS uniform policy.

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  1. trains

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    Do UPS drivers change into their unforms before they start their shifs & after their shifts change or do they wear the uniforms to and from home.

    If they do change into unforms, do the facilities have showers for drivers to take before they leave to go home.
  2. Covemastah

    Covemastah And the Reign Of Terror Continues!! Pats # 6 !!!

    at my building we were them to and from work and most buildings in northeast i've been to the same
  3. at our hub they (drivers) all wear them to and from work. We do have a "locker room" however its just lockers no showers or anything like that.
  4. browniehound

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    All the drivers in my center wear their uniforms from home and go home in them also. I think it would be great if UPS could install a few showers in our building. That way, if a driver had a special event to go to, he could shower and leave right from the building saving a ton of time. Let's face it, this isn't too much to ask considering the time of day we get out as opposed to the majority of the workforce in this country. Us drivers don't have the benefit of being in a suit and, nice and clean when we leave work like management does.

    I think management would benefit from this also. I think they would get less 8-hour requests(making less headaches during dispatch) if a driver knew he could shower at work and leave right from there. Also, a driver could run his route without taking lunch, get back to the building and spend his lunch break taking a shower, shaving and just getting ready. It would effectively add 1 hour in time to his life. Does anyone else have a thought on this? I'm interested in learning what other UPSers think in regard to this matter.:sailor:
  5. scratch

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    Browniehound, I'm with you on your showers at work idea. I take some "civilian" clothes to change into if I have a meeting or family event to go to afterwards. Sometimes I take a washcloth to try to wash off a little bit, But that doesn't quite cut it after cooking all day during the summer in a Package Car.
  6. 30andout

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    Come on, UPS wouldn't even have toilets if they didn't have to.
  7. over9five

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    "Come on, UPS wouldn't even have toilets if they didn't have to."

    Gotta agree with that. And if they didn't have to have plumbing, they wouldnt heat the buildings. (You know they only have minimal heat to protect the pipes from freezing).
  8. local804

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    UPS has showers in the Farmingdale bldg which drivers use in the summer. There was a problem with one of the drains so instead of fixing the problem, they shut off the water to the showers. I wish they fixed it instead of taking the UPS way out, but what would you expect.
  9. BCFan

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    at our hub not only do we have showers but hot tubs and cash bar with large screen televisions for sports and a stripper pole too! BC

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    At our ctr we have one person designated to lay rose petals at our feet when we get back to the building (just one of the many hidden perks we have).
  11. Bulkstop

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    I've known drivers that never chaged their uniforms at all.
  12. dammor

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    Showers? At this point I would applaud handsoap and paper towels. This is the least of our worries though.
  13. stealth8

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    When I first started (1980) we had showers and FULLSIZE lockers. Everybody wore street clothes in and changed into browns before hitting the road. When the new HUB opened in 1983 we not only lost the showers but we also got baby lockers!! I was single back then,so I would come in off the road ,take a cold shower, and then head out for a HOT DATE! Ha Ha!!
  14. Jack4343

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    I would not want showers at all here. If they are kept in the same condition as the bathrooms then I can only imagine the bacteria and germs sitting in them. I'm not a germaphobic but the bathrooms here are nasty most of the time. I really can't fault the porter though. I think it's the pigs that work here. Lots of in-building young guys use the drivers bathroom and they don't care about cleaning up after themselves. I mean, they spit on the floors indoors. I've never seen that anywhere else I've worked.
  15. trains

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    Showers at facilities.

    Do all it's UPS facilities have showers for drivers to take when finishing shifts especially at the New York City facilities.
  16. Covemastah

    Covemastah And the Reign Of Terror Continues!! Pats # 6 !!!

    i agree been to plenty of bldngs in n.east its the people who ruin it the cleaners do a nice job. ones in main are spotless i wonder if they time study cleaning of toilets per hour ha ha
  17. brownmonster

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    When I first started driving I would wear the full Browns out to the tavern after work, run a big pisser, hurl all over myself, pass out in the can of my local pub, wake up, rinse my shirt off in the toilet, have a Clam Digger for breakfast and go off to work and bust it by 2 1/2 hours, stopping only once or twice to blow chunks in a forever bag, popping Excedrin like M&M'S. Gosh I miss those single days
  18. over9five

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    "I've known drivers that never chaged their uniforms at all."

    You guys get uniforms??
  19. subways

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    Re: Showers at facilities.

    Does the NYC facilities have showers in their locker rooms.