UPS Uprising at Local 952!

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  1. Hawfuh Sux

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    The UPS Hub in Anaheim has a slate ready to go against the incumbents.

    Local 952 represents two hubs (Anaheim and Laguna). The Laguna Hub is a reform hub that ran a slate against the incumbents a few years ago and ended in second place when they split the vote with a slate that came out of grocery. The Anaheim Hub backed the incumbents in their last local election and also backed the Hoffa/hall Slate for the General Election. Upset by the Tentative Agreement Hoffa and hall agreed to this time around, they have decided to jump ship on both Hoffa/hall and the leadership of Local 952.

    The leadership at Local 952 has been stunned by the news.

    There's still no word from the two other slates that ran on the last local election but if I were Patrick K I would be very worried about a unification occurring.
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  2. hondo

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    Is this the same Patrick K who was a Hoffa guy in Chicago?
  3. stink219

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    Everyone has a reform slate. "Reform slate" is a term used by a specific organization. Yet the few that took over the locals have been disasters.
  4. Hawfuh Sux

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    The funny thing is that Local 952 took pride in the Anaheim Hub. They have always bragged that its a Hub loyal to them and Hoffa. And if fact that has always been true.

    But the horrendous contract that was delivered to the Southwest has made them rectify their position. They have made it clear they are upset with Hoffa/hall and more so upset that the leadership at Local 952 promoted the TA.

    The loss of the Anaheim Hub is a tremendous blow to the leadership of Local 952 and if they unite with the other two slates to form one strong slate, Patrick K. will be sent into retirement in January.

    This garbage TA has spread like wildfire out in the Southwest, we're looking at elections in 63, 952 and 848 (non-UPS Local) this year; 396 and 542 next year etc...

    There's also elections going on in 177 (New Jersey) and 623 (Philadelphia) that will see the incumbents ousted.

    But this 952 story coming out of Anaheim is surreal.
  5. East coast navy

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    I'm in local 177 and I voted no to the master and yes to the local. The 177 local slate is good for me. They have covered my bass so many times. Also the local TA was the best I've seen in a long time. Are local tried to fight the master, but it's hard when have the locals and IBT is against you.
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    I hope the don't cook the books before the electon
  7. taphandler

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    Local 952 has always been a local that goes with the flow. Very seldom has it ever gone through much in the way of conflict between management and supervision. With the recent activity with the labor negotiations, and the inability of the current slate to rally the troops, it's refreshing to hear that individuals still have the drive to pursue what is right for it's brothers and sisters. Once in every five years, do we as Teamster's, have the right to vote and stand up for change and or to secure what we already have. Once you lose something as great as our health and welfare package, it's very, very difficult to gain it back in the future. UPS is a corporate juggernaut, and as we all know, we are all expendable! Without a strong union and solidarity, we will continue to fight a up hill battle! Believe me brothers and sisters, we weren't looking for this fight, but for God sakes, we're not going to back down!!! Stick together, because what the company proposes we give up now, is only going to get worse later. Although I am familiar with Mr. K*'s slate, I cannot bash his two current business agents. They both work very had for us, but unfortunately they work under the rules of a weaker leader{Patrick K*}, and through unfortunate circumstances, they may meet their end with the up coming elections.
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  8. baseballfan21

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    I work at the Anaheim hub and im glad to see were not trying to settle. They were trying to push this as a great contract. I'm wondering how the union meeting went a couple days ago.
  9. Hawfuh Sux

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    It went like crap.
  10. LagunaBrown

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    As taphandler said the BA's are doing a great job for us at UPS. As far as a Slate running I just have to laugh. You don't name who they are or their qualifications. Even better is this guy with a user name Hoffa Sux. Ask him for the el results of the last election. His reformers were second place but without producing a tally of votes is comedy. Oh wait 2 guys with their first post isn't suspicious either. I mean those reformers never make multiple user names to hype up their agenda.
  11. baseballfan21

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    How was I hyping up an agenda?

    All I mentioned is i'm glad we're still trying to fight for better supplement, even though I forget who his name was telling me it was a great contract and how we should vote yes. It wasn't Grant, neither Patrick. Reminds me of Doug from the hangover somewhat.
  12. LagunaBrown

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    I was with them a lot through this and they wanted a yes vote to keep the MOU in play (which is still happening). They also said they fully understand if people voted no with out having the summery plan descriptions and the ambiguities. It was clear that it was your choice so and that's the reality.
  13. Hawfuh Sux

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    The 396 election isn't until next year. Hopefully people don't cool-down and remember to vote out Ron H.
  14. stink219

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    Wasn't 804 a reform slate? Since then they have about 85 UPSers that have been fired with no return to work date in site. Some over a year. Great job reforming! Reform can come in many ways. What a joke of a local. Maybe Tim "Sausage Neck" S needs a little reform.
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  15. Hawfuh Sux

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    Local 804 has the strongest supplement/rider in the country and the only one that has 25 and out.
  16. stink219

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    Strongest, I've read almost all the supplements. I wouldn't say strongest at all. 25 and out? That's great for all but the 85 people fired. What's the payout on the 25 and out?
  17. Hawfuh Sux

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    Incredible how officers names associated with Hoffa are subject to edit and censorship, but the names of reformers are not subject to that same censorship.
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    Could you guys please stop posting full names here? Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
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    Sorry Cheryl. I was unaware about public figure heads names. Can I just use his nickname without any part of his real name?
  20. stink219

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    Also, the supplement that you speak so highly of had nothing to do with the current slate.