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    Hello everyone,
    i am not a UPS employee but my boyfriend is, and i was wondering if there is such a thing as not allowing the employee to take a day off from his vacation. I will try to explain what i mean... apparently they told him that to take vacation he has to take the full week off, which to me sounds like bs. Is there any truth to this or can he take a day off of his vacation is he is sick and has no sick days left?
    any help you can give me i will appreciate.
  2. Re-Raise

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    We have to schedule our vacations in November for the following year. We have to take a full week for all but one week which we can opt to split into individual days. The rules for many things at UPS are different in different areas of the country.
  3. she13820eyes

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    Awesome, thank you so much for your quick response!
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    Your are required to take your full week at a time. You can take your personal and sick days one day at a time. In some areas you can combine sick and personels days to make another full week.
  5. menotyou

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    Depends on the manager, especially if they are short-handed.
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    This used to be the case here but Syracuse has put an end to working during vacations. We have to take the full week off--which is the way that it should be anyway.

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    Sounds to me like your b/f is seeing someone that works with him. He has used all his days off and is sneaking to the nearest hotel. You deserve better...
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    He deserves better! Heard it was your wife he was boinking!

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    somebody has too...
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    Ah, da socks is back.........
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    if more than 5 weeks of vacation you can use 1 week that can be broken up as single days.
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    We have to pick all our weeks in the prior year. All are mon-fri and no individual days off in our contract. So he speaks the truth.
  13. menotyou

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    A certain someone down there use to get very annoyed with my management team when they would ask me to do it.
    It allows understaffing, so I do agree that it shouldn't be allowed.
    We have one guy in our building that runs out of days by the end of January. Every year. I don't understand why he does it to himself.
    To the OP, why is your b/f out of days already?
  14. tracker2762

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    If your referring to personal days, His may not start in January, ours are from May to May. I been out since January myself.
  15. menotyou

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    Ours start in January. He does this every year.
  16. UnsurePost

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    If your s/o has any kind of okay relationship with the F/T sup, I think the sup would let him take the week vacation and only take four days of pay.

    There was a time three years ago when I had lumped 3 sick/2 option days into a week vacation, used three of those sick days (prior to the week scheduled). I took the week scheduled and was paid the two option days, instead of paid five days.

    It depends on the region, the type of sup/mgmt involved and dynamics of the situation.

    Our calender year also runs May1-April 30
  17. dannyboy

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    Every area can be different. It depends on the supplement.

    Here, after your second week, you can take the third one day at a time.
    You can take one week of vacation one day at a time, or you can bid all your weeks as vacation.

    You can also bid one extra week of sick or personal days, but that week has to be chosen after all the other employees in your workgroup chose their regular vacation days.

    So, a a driver with 5 weeks vacation, I could bid 4 weeks ahead of time, 5 weeks ahead of time, or more after everyone else had chosen their weeks, if I wanted to use sick or personal days.


    FAVREFAN Member

    Where I am, we get 3 personal/optional days. Sometimes we can use them as a sick day when you call in but that depends on your boss. Technically you are supposed to request them well in advance. We are not allowed to split any of our vacation time here, that includes our option week. Full vacation weeks only. I can't imagine how cool that would be to split up my option week into single days. I would take 5 Friday's or Monday's in a row! I'll keep dreaming.
  19. Re-Raise

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    I get six full weeks and split the seventh week into individual days. We also get three optional days, we don't get any sick days.
  20. UPSGUY72

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    We get 2-6 weeks of vacation depending on years of service we all 5 sick days and 3 personals days. You can use a combination of sick and personals days to make another week of vacation so some drivers have 7 weeks and 3 sick days.