UPS vs FEdEx jobs

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    i applied for both as a handler.i noticed posts on here of people working for either company. can anyone give me the pro/cons between each company? or is there not much of a difference, especially for someone with not much ob experience in this area. I ask beause the UPS is close by, the FedEx is at an airport Hub an hours commute away. also i was curious about the UPS uniform policy? any info on this? what id the required attire?also what are the avg ages of workers usually, package handlers?

    also about the interview process, i know both have thorough background checks. mine is clean, so no issues here. But do they ask much about student history, if you are going to school ,etc? i ask because ive been going to school, off and on for awhile, and decided to drop my classes for the semester so i could work. but will be back next semester once i transfer to another school. it was a couple night classes. by putting yes/no if I am a current student on the application. since i am a student, but not currently taking classes this semester. do they need to be aware of this or would i need to explain my situation?

    also i can schedule a 9pm tour of their place within a week or so. is their interview the same night or is this scheduled for another time?
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    well UPS use to like kids that went to college, get young with strong backs .And when the get older they left.
    But I am not so sure any more they have a 400%turnover rate at part time.I think they want a warm body now a days.
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    apples and oranges
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    If the turnover rate was %400, then for every 20 people hired 80 would quit.
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    That's only 1 in 4 sticking around, at our hub it's closer to 1 in 8 :ohmy:
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    xdeletedx....everytime I read one of your posts, I'm ready to grab my fly swatter. That avatar gets me everytime. Thank goodness you don't post 20 times a day! :)