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    does any one know whats happening with the lynx take over? we are all in the dark over here in bonnie scotland:funny:
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    Global parcel firm UPS says it has almost completed the integration of Lynx Express into its business - some two-and-a-half years ahead of schedule. It bought the Nuneaton-based firm in 2005 and had anticipated full integration taking five years. However, Jim Barber, UPS managing director for UK and Ireland, says: "If you know much about integrations of like networks - they can be fine or they can be challenging - but we have done well [to finish within this time frame]. We are near the end now you can always do things cuter or better - but my role was to make sure the customer didn't know we were integrating and I think we have done very, very well." Additionally, its Tamworth super-hub - UPS's second largest facility outside the US - will go live later this year. When Tamworth is completed UPS will have rationalised its network from five sites to three, with one Lynx hub closed earlier this year and another to follow in March. The Tamworth site has the potential for a rail connection, but Barber says the rail freight market is too unreliable: "If they ever get the service levels right and connect it to Europe then it's possible [we would use it]
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    they are still using a contractor to deliver goods in the republic if ireland
    countrywide freight a northern ireland company that ups works out of up in the north of ireland.we were told it would becoming to the dublin operation and ups would be delivering the shpts/pkgs through our normal package drivers.
    we are like mushrooms kept in the dark and fed sh**
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    Here at Southampton we hope to be fully integrated by the end of June, and have two centres running.
    In preparation for this, the Lynx depot has been renamed UPS Southampton 2, whereas we are So'ton 1!

    At some point in June, Lynx will no longer exist.
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    :happy2::angry-very2::happy2: Intergration is a bitch lol:angry-very2::happy2::angry-very2:
    Started working for a m8 who was an od in lynx northampton, bearing in mind a few years earlier i swore i would never do multi drop, EVER lol. Found myself delivering 60-70 drops a day in St Neots and St Ives ?????:dissapointed:
    Nearly 3 years l8tr and a clone army (lol) of ups drivers moving in.
    Im now lead driver for all the cb postcodes running out of that depot:surprised:
    working for a large O.S.P. Who, by the way, have loads of vans running out of Tamworth and Northampton:greedy:LOL.

    I hated ups when they took over i wont deny that lol. (mess up my 100% on timed lynx del.s in Cambridge city centre lol) But it is the way forward.

    So for all you Lynx drivers/OD's still making loads of money lol GIVE YOURSELF'S TO THE BROWNSIDE LOL *In A Darth Vader Voice* ???
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    Several of the Lynx 7.5 tonne vehicles here have shed their logos in preparation for the integration, and now sport just plain brown or black cabs.

    I understand that some may stay that way for the forseeable future.
    Obviously re-finishing all the package cars and other vehicles into brown will cost money, and I'm sure UPS are still looking for someone to take on the contract at a good price. :)
    However, we recently obtained an older Lynx vehicle which has been suited and booted in full UPS colours, so the signs are there that the brown will soon take over :smart:
  8. Coldworld

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    for all you european upsers, is ups really a up and comming force in europe, or are they just a flea in size to fedex and dhl? There was talk about a purchase of a company called TNT, but it seems like that probably wont happen ever. Does ups have ground service within the individual countries, and if so is this a large amount of pkgs??
  9. Coldworld

    Coldworld Taking it all back.....

    do all countries in europe use contractors to deliver ups parcels, how is it decided if an area is contractor or ups company drivers?
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    TNT was looked at apparently before they bought Lynx, so I guess that's dead in the water.

    Here in the UK domestically we use four of the five main services. Express plus, Express, Saver and Standard. Expedited comes in for selected overseas countries, the list of which has just been expanded.

    As Southampton are at the southern tip of the UK network, we cover the Isle of Wight and also sort the Channel Islands packages (Jersey/Guernsey/Alderney).
    In the case of the IoW, we have one dedicated driver based at SOU1 that goes over each day, and meets up with two UPS drivers based on the island and a driver from an outside contracted courier.
    Shipments between the Channel Islands and Southampton are moved by private contractor, but delivered by UPS when they get to their destination centres. It works well I think.