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    Im a former postal worker TE non career for 3 years . I applied for the seasonal driver position but its the same as being a TE postal carrier non career. IS UPS like the same like the post office culture as far a management? The postal service was a good job but if your not career you get screwed. I want to get with ups and drive the tractor trailer s . Will a seasonal non career position lead to a permanent one ?? Any advice from tractor trailer drivers or non career starters or former postal workers that went to ups for better or worse !! Holla back need info
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  3. What???????????
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    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

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    tumblr_mkk4swKssA1ro88rpo1_500.jpg lol.
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    Am I the only one who has a brain here? Im a former mailman, but decided to go back to school and work for UPS in the mean time. Management are full of dickholes as far as Im concerned at UPS as well. But the union has your back, even if your seasonal/part time. You have to really :censored2: up to get fired. I.E. drunk on the job, kill someone, etc... And yes a seasonal/part time could indeed lead to a full time position, such as being a UPS driver. You have to be atleast 21 though. I was recently offered to be an air driver on my night shift but I found out I can't cause im not 21. You pretty much move up through the ranks from a package handler, to an air driver, so on and so forth. Then you get offered to go to driving school and can become a UPS driver. If you are interested, talk to the supervisors, they are always looking drivers it seems. Or talk to your HR. But be careful, management are even bigger dicks to drivers ive been told. Good luck! You could also apply on the UPS to be a driver. Im not 100% sure how it works but I would think package handlers have first dibs.
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    Jokes dude really, lighten up homeboy:peaceful:
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    Did they teach you how to make paragraphs at this school place?
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    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    So what you're saying is you don't have a clue?
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    cosmo1 Now, a low life jack wagon, and still loving it.

    They really are cute when they're young.
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    Sage advice from the unsure, under 21, former mailman...
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    I'm currently training for seasonal peak and while sups and managment keep telling me there's chance of being asked to stick around past December and become full-time, the internet and other workers who level with me say there is really 0% chance of that happening. I'll be looking for another job while I'm working here just in case (McDonalds is a cakewalk compared to this), but I'll keep re-applying every time they let me go if they let me because of 1) tuition and 2) pretty good pay for mindless work and exercise, even if my heart feels like it'll explode.
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    That is a rather deep philosophical question. What you are proposing is somewhat solipsistic.

    But if I am answering your post then solipsism is an untenable view. In which case why would you ask the question?...

    If no other minds exist, why would you ask other non-existent minds if they exist?

    Did I answer your question grasshopper?
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    If you want to do
    Tractor trailer get your cdl a
    and read the contract on how you can transfer in.
    If you already have it look on ups jobs for an open position under tractor trailer driver
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    Was that on your way back to the building
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    Yes, you have to be high to want to work for UPS.
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    Just have to have a strong desire to make a lot of money and a couple loose marbles lol
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