UPS Wharehouse in Hebron,Ky

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    Is there anybody on board who works for the UPS wharehouse in Hebron,Ky?
    I interviewed there today.I have no clue if I am being considered for the job.
    The interviewer was pretty stone faced.She did ask if I could work weekends,OT nights and weekends
    At least three times.I said yes.I would work any shift and day and all the OT.
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    It was a trick question. She wanted to see if you really wanted to work for UPS, or if you're just gonna say yes to everything because you're desperate for a job.

    P.S.: I totally made that up.

    P.P.S: Did anyone else skim the thread title too quickly and see an "o" where the "a" is? :happy-very:
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