UPS Will Not Forecast US Holiday Shipping Volumes

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    UPS Will Not Forecast US Holiday Shipping Volumes - CNN Money

    United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) has dropped plans to reveal how much extra business it expects during the upcoming U.S. holiday season, highlighting a weakening economy and the continuing decline in retail- sector activity.

    The largest U.S. package shipper by volume traditionally forecasts the volume it expects on the peak days before Christmas as personal and business-to- consumer traffic climaxes ahead of the holiday. In what has been a show of logistical prowess, the company has also revealed how many temporary workers it would hire for the seasonal surge.
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    Bravo its time to keep things in house.
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    Probably trying to keep stock from crashing any lower.
    We all know how much volume is down. Now is not the time to feed Wallstreet more fear fodder.