UPS worker arrested in $30,000 jewelry heist from Shops of La Cantera

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    UPS worker arrested in $30,000 jewelry heist from Shops of La Cantera - KEN5 San Antonio

    Joshua Rodriguez was keeping more than feet in his shoes recently. According to an arrest warrant, the 23-year-old was stuffing his footwear with thousands of dollars worth of stolen jewelry.

    Rodriguez was in line, waiting to enter the warehouse as security guards were conducting a random shoe check at the UPS facility. According to the police report, Rodriguez attempted to get out of line when he saw the random search, but guards asked him to stay in line and proceed through the security checkpoint.

    The guard reportedly found 16 small bags of jewelry hidden in Rodriguez's shoes, including gold rings, wedding rings and chains. Some individual items of jewelry were worth $4,000.
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    waiting to ENTER the warehouse? What was he doing? Trying to sneak stuff into the place?

    Okay, i just read the entire story in the link. What a smuck!!! I see a bright future in store for this enterprising young man.
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    I hope they throw the book at him. It is people like him that give the rest of us a black eye.
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    when i had gotten outta work that work i saw a couple of cops but really didnt think much of it till i saw it on the news that next day they did the search on us it really wasnt a supprise to me when they told us to take off our shoes
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    Well, it's obvious this young person has a fondness for jewerly. This being the case, his cellmate will have a gold tooth and perhaps, now I'am just saying perhaps, will be fond of him as well.