UPS Worker Charged in Gun Thefts

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    UPS Worker Charged in Gun Thefts - The Intermountain

    On Dec. 4, West Virginia State Police responded to a call from UPS in Elkins alleging that Paul Himes, 24, of Elkins had been caught stealing a Remington Model 700 rifle, according to the criminal complaint. Himes admitted he stole the gun during an interview with Trooper J.R. Wince, the complaint states.

    During the Dec. 4 investigation, Wince learned a second rifle had been removed from its packaging. According to the complaint, a shift manager saw Himes put a box from a truck onto the floor. The shift manager told Wince that placing a box on the floor was out of the ordinary because everything must be put onto loading belts.
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    this happend like last week at our hub driver was stealing guns from a gun store on his pick ups