UPS worker under fire for throwing package at house in Southington

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    UPS worker under fire for throwing package at house in Southington - WFSB

    A UPS worker is under fire for throwing a package at a house in Southington while making a delivery.

    Everyone who drives by this Planstville home knows Cheryl loves everything about Christmas. The lights, the trees, even the shopping!

    "I have a lot of extra Christmas presents this year," Cheryl said Friday.

    But Cheryl says it's a good thing Santa doesn't deliver gifts the way a ups employee did today. Check out this surveillance video she captured. The driver just chucks Cheryl's package splat against her garage door!
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    That was NOT the driver, although I don't know why he chose to back in to that driveway. The person who threw the pkg was a seasonal employee, emphasis on the word was.
  3. He has a good arm. Maybe some professional sports team can sign him
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    How else is he gonna get 376 stops off today
  5. You should see some of the seasonals we have here. I'm surprised they aren't wearing ankle brackets.
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    I heard the Oakland A’s are trying to get ahold of this guy too. Nice pay day coming his way
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    Appropriate action has ben taken. The helper was given a $10 McDonalds gift certificate for being extra quick in his deliveries. His driver will also be giving him a 50 dollar tip come Dec. 24th. Is it just me or does everyone have a "Cheryl" look alike on the route? I had a couple of them.
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    Put a helper with a runner gunner and that's what you get.