UPS Workers Charged For Ticket Theft


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UPS Workers Charged For Ticket Theft - WAAY

Three United Parcel Service workers were charged with stealing University of Alabama football tickets from customers.

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Now this is just insane. Don't these guys know that even if they made it out of UPS with the tickets that someone would be coming to find them in their seats at the game. STUPID STUPID STUPID


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Greed is blind......happens in every company. Thats why I get nervous when before in "the days" we used to carry so much cash from COD's. I'm glad nothing came up in my life where the thought of stealing anything crossed my mind.


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Thats why I get nervous when before in "the days" we used to carry so much cash from COD's..

I was a cashier for a now-closed Chicago grocer. I was never held up but there was always the risk. At the end of many shifts, I counted my drawer to make sure it was right. One day, I had $4K--CASH in that drawer. I almost had a coronary. The supervisor I was counting it with called the on-duty manager up to see the total since she didn't believe it. The manager pulled me into an office. He was very polite and all but he told me, "From this point forward, I want you to call for a drop every once in awhile. I don't EVER want to hear that you have over $1,000 cash in your drawer at any time." I nodded enthusiastically and said, "Done. I'll do it more often than that if you want." He shook his head and answered, "No. I don't want you having that much cash in your drawer, that's all." We came out of the office and he told the lady I had been counting with, "I want you to do a drop on EVERY one of your cashers...NOW. If this guy had $4K in his drawer, the others must have at least $2K. We don't need this." Sorry for hijacking this thread...-Rocky