UPS, you can't have it both ways.

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    When the company is selling us about sales leads they say. You the drivers know your areas the best. No one can identify potential customers as us. Yet, when it comes to dispatching our planned day we know nothing. The almighty, know everything PAS developed by superior beings can plan a route better than the driver himself or herself.

    Our input as to how many stops we should go out with in order to meet the pu compliance and have no missed packages is totally ignored.

    On the one hand we are very knowledgeable but at the same time we're not.
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    man on man, when is everyone going to get it, ups will never,never change. they were like that when i started there 39 years ago. the you know it all works only when they want it to. we could never tell the sup what was good for our run either. it was always their way or no way. le tthem run the show and let the chips fall where they may,
    glad i am out of there.
  3. shrimpfire

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    U r so right it is either their way or the highway, forget this team stuff unless it works for them; they want their cake and icecream too.
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    In all honesty, most people try to get away with as much as they can. Case in point: I'm talking to a driver (back in the day) who informs me his sup is nuts...wants to put 90 stops on me and it should be no more than 75-80. I come to find out this guy is delivering the first route I ever had and the only thing that has changed on it is 2 major drop stops (do they still use that term?) had shut down. This driver was astonished when I told him I think 100 is fair and that is what a driver is capable of delivering on that route. After him saying "no way" his jaw dropped as I informed him I had delivered that route for over a year and yes I always took my lunch and breaks so lets cut out the bull$%#t.
  5. Baba gounj

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    RULE #1

    This is UPS logic don't work here.
  6. jds4lunch

    jds4lunch What the hell is YOUPS??

    Don't you guys know that at UPS you can have your cake and eat it too? Beggers can be choosers, also what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Now where did i put that book of cliche's?
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    THE CAKE IS A LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    how big were those packages back in the day and how much did they weigh also your preloader prob had your truck in pretty good shape not this just get it in the truck crap now also what was your start time most have been pushed back 15 to 30 mins also how many commit air stops did you have back in the day back in the day the packages were smaller weighed less and we didn't have as many commit air stops with a better load things change my friend and at UPS I HAVE NEVER SEEN IT CHANGE FOR THE BETTER UNFORTUNATLY
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    How big were those packages (back in the day) and how much did they weigh? I will also bet that your preloader had your truck in pretty good shape, not this "just get it in the truck" crap that they call a load today. What was your start time? Most of us have hard ours pushed back 15 to 30 mins. How many committed air stops did you have (back in the day)? (Back in the day) the packages were smaller, weighed less and we didn't have as many committed air stops. It is much easier with a better load. Times change, my friend, and at UPS, I have never seen it change for the better (unfortunately).
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    So is Skagitdriver aka upstate?
  11. Just Numbers

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    Does this mean if I would like to comment I must do it twice?

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    The punctuation police strikes again. In all fairness to Upstate, That WAS a pretty damn long sentence. :happy-very:
  13. Just Numbers

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    If I misguided anyone I apologize, but I don't think I did. Some very good points have been made between back in the day and currently. If you read my post I am not comparing apples to oranges. This conversation took place back then and not now with conditions that were current at that time. Those two stops I mentioned each carried 50-75 pkgs each and were mainly nuts and bolts. If eliminating them due to closure doesn't gain you time for more stops what does. Do you realize how long it takes to record shipping and id #'s. That's correct, record not scan. So maybe some things have changed for the better. All I am saying is I have seen too many of my fellow drivers constantly making excuses why they can't do something (some legit) instead of using that enery getting the job done.
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    Well said. Never thought about it in those terms, but you're absolutely right.
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    I don't have time for sales leads. They have to dispatch me at a 9.7 paid day, just to get my route to plan on their OR. We cant even keep the PU accounts we have because we they don't see an account executive....EVER! Wake the hell up Atlanta, your killing our company!

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    That's the beauty of doing a 90% residential route. I just tell them I'm looking and then drop the subject.

    They have to learn price and bad past experiences keep the other customers away. UPS has not changed its ways on any of those two points. In my 15 years, its about blowing out the belts and shoving the boxes in the truck as fast as humanly possible.

    In the end, the ball is in their court, not the drivers.
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    I think customer service is a big difference when you talk about one driver compared to the next on the same route. Some think a stop is a stop, just get it done as quick as possible. Some think lets build a relationship with this customer and give a little for the better of the business.

    Unfortunately, UPS is geared more for the stop is a stop because it looks better on the almighty reports, but in the long run, the customer service thing shouldn't be ignored.

    I'm more of a customer service employee. I know I could shave off a half an hour or so to my day, but I like the good relations with my customers. I'm not really doing it for the good of the company, but for myself. With the lack of co-workers on road, the only people I have to interact with is my customers. Treat people like you want to be treated.
  18. No such person

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    I used to hate the pressure to put in sales leads, then a lead I put in got sold. 200 dollars for me. I'm now up to almost a grand on the card. Not a bad deal I think. I don't put in a lot of leads but I do make a point of looking for the ones that might be big.
  19. barnyard

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    I turn in leads fairly frequently. I get paid extra for leads that pan out, what's not to like??

  20. brownrodster

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    I had a business ask me how to contact their account person and I honestly had no idea how. So I sent a message to the OMS... She didn't know either. I was told to "write a note and leave it in the center manager's office maybe he can figure it out." No thanks. C-ya.

    Like the time I happened to see a random account guy in the building and told him about some business that was a potential account. He just said "turn in a lead" and walked away. I was like, I think I just did, A-hole.

    Those account guys show up after I start work and go home well before I end my work day. Maybe they are in need of a 9.5 hour planned day. Maybe then they could accomplish something useful.