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    I just started with ups I was told i was hired for fulltime part-time sunrise but all I keep hiring now is that they don't know who there keeping after peak but I was told when I got job it was not seasonal is this normal I am just lost at where I stand now..... do seasonal people get union papers to fill out too ?
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    Some do, some don't
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    Welcome to the seasonal table !!!

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    I am lost at where you stand now. Perhaps you should take some English classes.
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    welcome to UPS. they say that to everyone so you will work your ass off. they may keep you, though. just keep asking.
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    My hub just started a new class this week, they have all been told they are permanent.
  12. Big Package

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    One guy who started last week keeps asking me like I'm spodda know
  13. brownIEman

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    The situation is different in different parts of the country based on agreements with the local unions.

    Where I worked I was a seasonal inside package handler when I was hired (decades ago). Many years ago that agreement changed and seasonals are no longer allowed in my district. That means all extra hires for peak season are permanent employees. However, that also means a lot of those employees will be laid off right after peak, so the difference between being a permanent and being a seasonal is almost nill.
    The good news is that if the area you are in has a ton of turnover among inside employees chances are you won't be laid off long if at all.
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    I was told i was hired for fulltime part-time sunrise

    Yes. That's correct. Welcome to UPS! Please report don't report before after Sunday January 32nd at 27:30. See you then!

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    If they do please have someone else fill out your papers for you.
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