UPSer and 2 Daughters killed in horrific car crash

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    We lost one of our own Wednesday.

    Car Crossed into SR-78 Lanes, Results in Deadly Santa Ysabel Collision: Medical Examiner | NBC 7 San Diego

    The driver of a small car crossed into the eastbound lane of the SR-78 Tuesday, resulting in a fatal collision with a van full of children, the Medical Examiner said.
    Nine people were transported to the hospital after the crash on SR-78 Tuesday afternoon, just two miles west of SR-79, according to CalFire.
    Capt. Mike Mohler said two adults and six children were in a Honda Odessey minivan when it collided head-on with a Pontiac Vibe driven by one adult.
    The driver of the Vibe was 33-year-old Francisco Raul Higueros Perez, according to the Medical Examiner's report.
    For unknown reasons, Perez, a Santa Ana resident, crossed into the eastbound lane, colliding head-on into the minivan. He died from blunt impact injuries of the torso and extremities, according to the ME report.
    Mary Helen Aguilar, 33, was driving the minivan, which was owned by a 67-year-old passenger. Mary Helen was killed and the passenger was taken to the hospital.
    The medical examiner's report released Wednesday evening confirmed Mary Helen died from blunt impact force injuries to the neck and torso.
    Two of Mary Helen's children, 7-year-old Camryn and 10-year-old Jennifer, were pronounced dead on the scene. Her other two daughters, Irene and Audry, were seriously injured according to their father Geraldo Aguilar, who is divorced from Mary Helen.
    Camryn and Jennifer were students at Wegeforth Elementary school in Serra Mesa. Their mother was a service employee for UPS in San Diego. Family members describe the girls as happy young children, full of life.
    Six-year-old Audry Aguilar has life-threatening and severe spinal injuries and was not properly restrained, CHP said.
    Geraldo said 13-year-old Irene just got out of surgery Wednesday morning and will make a full recovery, but has broken bones and casts. Audrey has intestinal injuries, a broken back and a severed spinal cord.
    Doctors said she'll never walk again, but on Wednesday morning, she was able to squeeze his hand and respond to commands.

    To help with funeral cost, please donate at the following link.

    Please Help Fatal Accident -- Indiegogo

    RIP Mary.....we always knew you were on the clock by hearing your voice over the conveyor belts.
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    That SR 78 can be a beast. So sad. Sorry about the loss.
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    So sorry.
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    My condolences
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    Very sad. Condolences to all families.