UPSer sent home at sups discretion along with an occurence

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by RampGirlSDF, Jan 6, 2013.

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    My husband is a 6 year employee at UPS and works on the ramp. He has been having a little problem with his eye he thinks is a contact issue. Anyway, he went to work today but was sent home by his part-time sup because she felt like he needed to see an eye doctor. Before this though, the part time sup contacted the full time sup and she said he could do what he wants, stay or leave but it would count as an occurence against him. The full-time sup didn't go to where he was on the ramp to check it out. So this is where the part time sup suggestion came in to play. Should or could he file a grievance against this? He was sent home by his part time sup but it will still count as an what do you think?
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    I think he should go get his eye checked out, then go back to work.
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    I would think that his vision is far more important---get the eye checked out and then talk with the supervisor to get the occurence removed from his record.
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    He is doing that right at this moment....he won't be able to go back to work today because by the time he gets out of the drs, his shift will have ended....he's a 3hr employee :) Thanks for the suggestion though....
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    Occurrence for what? Attendance? He showed up for work and was sent home what are they going to charge him with? You show up punch in and work for 1 minute that counts as a report where I come from. Tell him to get his eye checked out(he should listen to you you're the real boss:wink2:)and if all is well report on Monday.
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    This is exactly what i was thinking, but it would have taken til Monday to get posted. Mod street must still be hung over from New Years or just Friday night.:drunkbf:
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    On the scale of life a part time supervisor at ups rates somewhere between an amoeba and pond out the shop steward or business agent and follow their advice.
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    SOunds like his Sup might have been worried about him. Doesnt really sound like they want to fire him or anything. I came in one day feeling bad and not looking great my sup did an ORA on me and by then I was really sick and looking bad, he actually took over my route and sent me home I was that bad. I ended up missing a week with Pneumonia. Sometimes, and I know this is a shock, the Sup actaully might be looking out for you.
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    And where on this 'scale' do you rate?

    Part-time sups have just as much authority to make decisions that affect their area of responsibility as anyone else. If you fail to follow instructions, portray gross insubordination, or lead the sup to believe you are a safety threat to both yourself or your coworkers, they can send you home. Just because you have some sort of a complex with management or authority doesn't mean this particular part time sup was incorrect in his/her decision. This should not count as an 'occurance' as he was already clocked in. It isn't dicipline, it's looking out for your husbands well being. Beyond that, some of these infallable union workers have been known to be hurt outside of work, then bring it to work and claim it happened on the job...for obviously dubious reasons.

    I would make that call every day of the week. You don't come to work with half your vision....especially at an air ramp. For those of you who have never worked at a gateway or air hub, it's one of the most dangerous areas to work. One email of pictures of someone sucked unto a 757's engine will be enough to convince you of that.
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    /thread, the authority has spoken.
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    Occurance for what ? Another Pt sup making up rules AKA telling lies.
  12. DS

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    Ours answer to full time sups.
    I thought it was like that everywhere.
    My bad.
  13. LongTimeComing

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    Everybody answers to somebody.

    The problem is that most PT sups don't have balls enough to make any decisions. Be it intimidation, lack of knowledge, or lack of support.....many just cower away from a situation and go tell their full timer and let them handle it. This does not mean they do not have the authority to make the call. It's quite the long as it's within or affects their area of responsibility. A PT sup who runs a PD, is in charge of that PD. His/her full timer is in charge of a group of PD's. Most FT sups don't trust their part timers to make the correct decisions, so they overrule them. It's a myth that I hear about and see quite a bit...but it's a myth nonetheless. Part Time supervisors ACTUALLY have some crazy as it seems.
  14. Bagels

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    Yes, PT have the same authority as FT, but it's rare the company empowers the PT to exercise this authority. It isn't because the PT sups "don't have balls enough," -- actually, most of them do -- it's because the PT sups often make foolish, uneducated decisions. And when you represent a billion dollar company, that's not a good thing. We have a sort that's managed by PT only. One of the sups pulled an employee from service, citing a harassment incident (really, he was just upset about the employee's family leave privileged , the Company did everything it could to defend the PT sup... but the PT sup was calling that employee's school, other employer, doctors etc. seeking "dirt." The employee was reinstated, the PT sup transferred... but really, the employee should've sued. Even if the employee was guilty, the PT sup -- as a managerial employee representing UPS -- could've costed them millions for his actions.
  15. LongTimeComing

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    I didn't really intend for the 'lack of balls' to be the primary selling point on PT sups lack of action. The way I wrote it basically made it that way....I see that now.

    Trust me, I'm with you here. There are vastly too many people who are not qualified to be in charge of anyone and represent the company. Unfortunately for PT sups, the standard for the position is generally fairly low, and the basis of need can, at times, supersede qualification for the position. Herein lies the problem with PT sups not being allowed to really exercise any sort of authority....or even be viewed as someone who can. Soo many aren't trusted by their bosses and aren't allowed the freedom to make those decisions. Others think themselves too highly and end up making jackass calls. I get where the general public image of a PT sup is coming from....And ultimately I was just trying to demonstrate some reasons as to why their actual authoritative capacity would be questioned....while making it clear that they do have it.
  16. Covemastah

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    OMG this should be a non issue!!
    If you have no issues with attendance,or mgmnt'don't worry about it !!
    Your eye is more important than a blip on their radar!!
    Plus arn't most SUPS an UPS certified Medical Doctors ??
    suprised he didn't look at it for him,then tell him he's fine !!