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  1. cheryl

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    If you haven't yet had a chance to visit the web site you ought to take a moment to log in and look around. It is a great way to get info and seems to be developing into a comprehensive resource for UPS employees.

    To log into the site use the employee id from your paycheck and the following formula for your password:

    The first two letters of your last name,the last two digits of your date of birth and the last two digits of your SSN

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  2. robonono

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    Is only for current employees? It would be nice if retirees could also visit the site.
  3. jcroche

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    I retired earlier this year, and I still can log in.

  4. spidey

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    I would try to log on if you still have your employee number around, or call HR. I'm sure it's meant to be accesible to all UPSers.