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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Brother Joe, Aug 7, 2008.

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    page 6 - Convoy Dispatch August 2008

    Ups Teamsters got a 35 cent raise on August 1, the smallest raise in many years. Another 35 cent raise will follow in six months, for a total of 70 cents over the next year.

    Last August 1, UPS Teamsters received a $1 raise. How much did gas and food cost then, compared to now?

    The contract also didn't provide for a cost of living improvement this year, a serious problem when inflation has run at 4.5 percent. For a full-time Teamster, a 35 cent raise is just 1.25 percent, meaning a big loss in real wages.

    One group of Teamsters involved with our UPS contract did get taken care of. They are the top union negotiators. James Hoffa received a $12,500 cost of living adjustment on July 1.

    hall cost of living adjustment on July 1 was &5,786. That's a much less bitter pill to swallow than 35 cents.
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    Would the february raise be considered the biggest februrary raise in many years?

    When I see these types of posts the questions I ask are

    Did the teamsters ask their members wanted they wanted before the contract talks.

    Did the member say they wanted more money put towards their pensions?

    Were you involved in those processes before.

    You should register before answering. Two anonymous posts here would qualify you as a site scab.
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    We just got our paychecks yesterday... and everyone is showing an $.85 raise, except those that dont have seniority yet. I'm guessing we all got the $.35 plus the extra $.50 bump they were talking about.
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    In my hub we seem to have no consistency on who gets the .85 raise and who gets the .35 raise. One employee with just under a year got .85 while another with 19 years only received .35, and yet another employee with 27 years got the .85 raise. All of them are part-time. I received the .35 raise. How is this being calculated, and why are different people getting different raises?
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    well im not sure they counted right, im gonna talk to my union rep on monday cause they took away my $1 raise i had gotten for being in sort supposedly its not even a skilled position cause of the label system. but on the whole raise thing me and 1 of coworkers got $1.05 raise not sure about the others but im gonna ask them to see whats going.
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    I'm not complaining about $.35 more. Especially considering we get that again in six months and then that rate will basically increase each sex months for the remainder of the contract. I've had many jobs and don't recall ever getting raises like we do at UPS. We have it made compared to many companies. I make more money than most of my friends that have college degrees (none of my friends are doctors :)) and I didn't even finish my degree so I won't be complaining about our pay and benefits any time soon. Has anyone else looked at how much drivers will be making an hour at the end of the new contract? Trust me.....we are getting paid pretty good at UPS. But then again...I feel sorry for some of you that live in areas with a much higher cost of living where your weekly pay isn't worth as much. I'm glad I'm down in the south where anyone making over $18/hr is "doing pretty good."
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    You are right. Does the top wage go up ever year?
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    Brother joe you need to pull your head out of the sand. A cost of living raise never is calculated in the first year of a contract. The first raise should reflect inflation.

    Do split raise suck? Yes they do especially over 5 years. But look at it in a bigger picture at the end of this contract you will be making $4 more per hour for the rest of your career.
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    Don't like our wages and raises ? Quit this job. Go to college and earn the 30,000$ per year that the average graduate makes straight out of school.

    It's silly to complain about a 80,000$ per year career that requires nothing more than a high school education and a little hard work.
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    Very true!
  11. govols019

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    We get sex in the new contract?
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    YOU get sex months !!!!
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    The raises don't keep up with inflation. Vote no!
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    When I was married I was on the annual plan.
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    How silly of me. How could I have submitted that posting without noticing that error. As if any of us drivers have time for sex. LOL!
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    Now we know what is really on your mind. It's not like the I and E are anywhere near each other on the keyboard.:happy-very:
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    I received a $0.62 raise and thought that was an odd number. A coworker with three less years of seniority received a $1.05 raise.

    Am I going to get an $0.08 raise in February now or what?
  19. Of course you do, you are getting screwed everyday
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    I got $1.05 as well, and I'll get another $.50 in November(seniority) and another $.35 in February. $1.90 raises in six months, I can't complain.