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    i know this site was built so that a fellow upser can help another upser and so forth, but i tell ya for some of the simple questions i have asked on here i have gotten more bull**** replies then anything else, seems like everyone on here is some sort of comedian or in some cases they are english teachers telling me how to ask a question or write a sentence properly, i could care less about pleasing them with proper grammer, in my world delivering that ****ing package is all that matters and when i ask a question i expect some sort of smart ass answers but when 2 people start conversing about other things on my post can be annoying,when all im doing is trying to figure out how to make my life any easier here at ups, but again i expect a flurry of responses from this post so bring it on if it makes you feel better about being a smartass after all most of you have no life and all you do is bitch about ups, i personally enjoy working here some of yall are just plain spoiled and dont understand working elswhere, we make a great paycheck here better then most places and better yet i would say half of yall didnt even graduate high school, oh thats right,i know i write like i didn't but again not looking to be graded just answered and i know that its still pissing off the little people on here...............
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    I hear ya damaged.Don't take it personal.This site,with all its faults,is still the best place in the world to go to find others with the same problems,and more than often,good advice.It's the internet,and everyone has an opinion.Obviously,everyone has different opinions about what's important,so ignore the smartasses,and sift through for relevance.
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    Please utilize the grammatical protocal learned in our early years.

    The run on's will not be read by me or others.

    Cach's reply is an example of what to expect.

    Maybe this should be a TOS item???
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  5. DS

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    Come on ,get real!!! this site does not endorse bullying anyone just because they don't live up to your grammatical standards.
    With all due respect, who the hell are you?
  6. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    Ball busting,yes, but bullying? I don`t think so. It`s be done on here more times than you can shake a stick at by more names,popular and otherwise,than you can list. More often than not it`s done good naturedly until the original poster gets snotty about it and then the rest of the schoolyard will turn on them. Both you and fxdwg are correct in your replies. Don`t take stuff too seriously on here but then again at least make a half assed attempt to come across as coherent and legible.

  7. brownrod

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    Your questions could be answered by reading your contract. In particular your local supplement.

    Realize that the questions you posted cannot be properly answered by drivers from all over the country with different contracts. How it works for me in my local is most likely not how it will work for you in yours.

    SWORDFISH New Member

    So do you have a question or did you just post to tell everyone how mad you are? Throwing rocks out of a glass house only hurts ones self.
  9. damagedbrown

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    Hey fxdwg, i hope this has ruined your day, because you were the first one to say something negative, i personally hope u don't read my ****, you probally wouldn't have a correct answer anyways, you are on here for no good reason! I would like to take this time to thank all you teachers on here for makin sure that all my t's are crossed and all my sentences end with a period.................. this will really help me in the world of ups...NOT....SO FROM ONE FELLOW UPSER TO ANOTHER SUXDWG OOPS I MEAN FXDWG, MAY YOUR DAY BE **** AND HOPE YOUR DIAD CRASHES AND YOUR TRUCK BREAKS DOWN AND HOPE U HAVE A BUNCH OF LATE AIRS,, TILL THEN, THANKS FOR ALL THE ONES ON HERE THAT CAN JUST ANSWER A QUESTION.
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    So sad---it looks like we have found that one child left behind.
  11. deepsouthmamaw

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    It`s be done
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    It looks like there were two.
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    its really very simple under the radar and you will be ok....what that means is if you have too many airs let them know---dont drive in the left lane on hwy to get them done---dont release them before you get there,dont flag pkgs-they always find out,,,if you need to get out early -take off or request 8...dont run your short--plan as if you'll be here for 10 hrs---if not --bad things happen when you rush(accident,injury,nasty to customer) you follow? these are things that you will learn in time...just natural progression /evolution of a long term employee.....:happy2:
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    If I can't read a post without getting dizzy, it's gonna get ripped.
  15. cachsux

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    DS, I think this young man needs the playground monitor.
  16. Old International

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    With a post like that, he will get ripped to shards............
  17. fethrs

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    Good luck, with posts like that you may need it. One hint, the shorter the question the better the chance for a real reply....What was the question anyway?:peaceful:
    I'm soooo confused!:surprised:
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    Or that paraphrase of Hillary's - "It takes a village to raise an idiot.'
  19. hellfire

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    dude i hear ya,,, i never correct grammer,, there are some arrogant people here that simply annoy,, just be patient and your answers will come out,, the good people outway the same handfull of people that talk to much
  20. Bad Gas!

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    There is a great deal of click B.S on this site
    ..But aside from a few, there are some very helpful and respectful individuals with pertinent info at this site..If you have a question, ask it..But have some thick skin because you probably will get ripped by someone..Who cares about the naysayers...Just deal with it and earn your spot on the board..One day, you will be helping someone else out..